Benefit Haul!

 I just got another late birthday treat in the mail - a big box of Benefit stuff! 
 Two samples, The Porefessional, and Fakeup in Light. I'm really looking forward to trying Fakeup. 
 A mini Dr. Feelgood, which is a mattifying balm. 
 Highbrow Glow, to highlight under the brows. 
Sweet n Wow set, which included a mini Posie Tint and a full size Sugarbomb Box-o-Powder. I'm putting the Posie tint in my giveaway box. :3 
And I saved the best for last, Raising Eyebrows, Benefit's new book that launched this time last year. I haven't really mastered eyebrows yet, I'm hoping this book will help.

Tell me what your most recent Benefit purchase was in the comments!


  1. I bet the other box of treats had moar stuff.

  2. I got a set from benefit a while ago, it had bella bamba, bright eye, and stay dont stray, and a deluxe sample of high beam

    1. Sounds like a nice set, I love Bella Bamba!

  3. Awesome haul, I love Benefit :) x