Barry M Fine Glitter Dust #20 Review

 Barry M's Fine Glitter Dusts are "loose pearl dusts in a variety of brilliant colours that have been cleverly blended with ultra fine, diamond like glitter flecks. Ideal to experiment with, try on the cheeks, lips, and body to create a stunning glitzy look." The Fine Glitter Dusts are essentially the same thing as the Dazzle Dusts, but with a bit of glitter mixed in. I was sent this pigment in a swap with my friend Rae. Each Fine Glitter Dust sells for  £4.59 ($7 USD). Barry M products can be bought at drugstores throughout the UK and through the brand's website which ships internationally. Barry M is cruelty free.

 Packaging for the Barry M Fine Glitter Dusts is plain, but cute, and easy to store. These pigments come in tiny glass jars with black twist off caps. The cap offers the Barry M logo, website url, and product name. The shade number can be found on the bottom of the jar. Barry M's Fine Glitter Dusts do not include shifters, setting them up for messiness.
 I believe Barry M's Fine Glitter Dusts aren't technically meant for use on the eyes, but I really can't think of any other practical way to use a blue pigment. I find products like these a little frustrating, but I tried it as an eyeshadow anyway. Not a wise decision, it was awful! This Fine Glitter Dust causes fallout like you wouldn't believe. Even applied over primer this pigment smudges and smears, not just on my eyes but on my whole face. I can apply the pigment and go about my day, and suddenly, my cheeks or nose are blue! This pigment also creases very easily. The color payoff for the Fine Glitter Dust in #20 is excellent, perhaps a little too strongly pigmented - it stains my eyelids like mad!
 The shade #20 is very pretty. In the jar, this shade looks like a matte dark blue with a fair amount of light blue and silver specks of glitter. For the most part, it translates that way onto the skin, but it shows up a little brighter on the skin. Once applied #20 comes out as more of a matte based dark teal with specks of silver glitter throughout it.
I really like the color of Barry M's Fine Glitter Dust in #20, but that's about all I like. I really can't think of a practical way to use a dark blue pigment that isn't deemed eye safe. I suppose I could mix it into polishes or something. If you do opt to use Fine Glitter Dusts, keep in mind that you won't get very good wear. This is a smeary pigment that falls out everywhere and stains anything it comes into contact with. I don't think I'll be keeping this pigment, it just doesn't do anything good for me. I don't recommend Barry Ms Fine Glitter Dust, at least not in the shade #20. 

MICA, ALUMINUM SILICATE, CALCIUM SILICATE, SODIUM SILICATE, SILICA [+/- CI77891, CI77861, CI77510, CI77499, CI77492, CI77491, CI77410, CI42090:1, CI77288]


  1. Oh no you literally went bloo!

  2. Ugh I wish they were carried instore somewhere in the US! Merp. The shade is very pretty though - its like a darker version of MUFE 159.

    1. Me too! Maybe one day they will. Sleek needs to come to America too!

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    1. I know right! It's a shame the product is impractical though.