Avon Naturals Aqua Rush Body Spray Review

 Avon's Aqua Rush is the first scent in their Naturals line that's targeted to men. Avon describes the scent as "refreshing as the ocean" and claims that their body spray formula will "leave skin feeling cool and refreshed." I received both the body spray and body lotion in the Aqua Rush scent as a gift. Naturals Body Sprays contain 8.4 fl oz (250ml) and regularly retails for $9. Avon is almost always offering a sale or special bundle deal on their Naturals products, so its likely that you'll be able to find this product for cheaper. Avon products are available for purchase through local sales representatives and through the brand's website. Avon products are not tested on animals, but the brand recently expanded to China, where their products may be tested. This body spray was made in America.

 Avon's Naturals Boy Sprays comes in tall, cylindrical plastic bottles topped with a white cap with a spritzer. Plain, but nicely designed. My only complaint is that because these bottles are so tall I find them difficult to store. A clear label wraps around the bottle. The front of the Aqua Rush label features a crashing wave and some seashells. The back of the label offers a product description and a full ingredient list.
 Nothing about Avon's Naturals Body Sprays is really impressive in any way and that's specifically true for the Aqua Rush scent. I need a handful of spritzes to get good scent coverage. Naturals Body Sprays are alcohol and water based, so they can be sprayed on the hair, clothes, or skin. I find Aqua Rush to have really poor lasting power, I can spray it on and not pick it up at all after only an hour. If you want the scent of Aqua Rush to last, layering is key.
Aqua Rush is a light, crisp, fresh scent that definitely leans towards the masculine side, but I think it can be worn by either gender. Aqua Rush, if you couldn't have guessed, is a very aquatic scent with hints of musk and citrus. I feel like these also a pinch of cinnamon in it, but that might just be me. I'm not the biggest fan of aquatic scents, I think they can be a little obnoxious, but Aqua Rush has a nice balance to it. I much prefer this scent over the discontinued Bath&BodyWorks scent Dancing Waters
I'm not really loving Avon's Naturals Body Spray in Aqua Rush, but its ok. The packaging is nice. The pricing is fair. I like the crisp, aquatic scent, but it fails so badly in the wear department that using it is kinda pointless to me. I know this is a mere body spray, but only lasting an hour is inexcusable. Avon makes better body sprays than Aqua Rush, so I don't suggest it. 

SD Alcohol, Water, Fragrance, Aloe Extract, Benzophenone Tricolsan, Blue 1, Red 33, Yellow 10