A Handful of Beauty Goodies From Asos!

 My friend Cameron was nice enough to offer to buy me a few items from Asos as a late birthday gift. He told me to choose whatever I wanted, which was unwise! I was tempted to go nuts, but I was a good girl and only picked out four items. I chose three makeup products, and a dress, which you can click here to see. Asos accidentally sent me a size larger than I ordered, but it fits pretty well, it's a tad loose in the back, but I think I can fix that myself. Anyway, click through for a closer look at the beauty products I chose. All three products I ordered are not available here in America, at least not yet.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder ($11.60)

This is a very coveted bronzer. I have access to Bourjois products when I'm in Australia, but this powder, which is said to cocoa and "glints of sunshine", isn't sold there. Anything under $15 is a great steal for a Bourjois product, and I'm quite pleased to have this. I haven't had the best luck with Bourjois products in the past, but something about the brand really appeals to me. 
Rimmel Apocalips in Luna ($7.46)

I've heard so many UK Bloggers and Vloggers going mad over the Rimmel Apocalips, which will be coming to America sometime in the future. These lip lacquers are very pigmented, almost like that of a matte liquid lipstick. I'm not so sure about the shade Luna, its very different from the swatch on Asos' website, and from how it looks in the tube. It looks like a very orangey peach shade on me.
Eylure Superfix Adhesive for Lashes ($4.32)

This lash glue is available in both clear and black, obviously I got the clear shade. This adhesive is appropriate for both individual and full strip lashes. I chose this product because I'm starting my foray into falsies, and often times the glue included with them is a little sucky, so I figure getting a glue from a company that specializes in lashes is a safe bet. 

My customer service experience with Asos was good, though the free shipping was a little bit slower than promised, I believe it took 8 days instead of 6, but that's still reasonable considering it's coming all the way from England. 

Have you ordered from Asos? If not, what do you want to order from them? And do you like my dress? :3 


  1. I love the dress :) Fit and flare is always really flattering!

  2. Ooh lovely buys - whats your favourite one so far?

    Emma x

  3. I saw the dress on her n.n