Max Factor Fantasy Fire Max Effect Nail Polish Review

 Max Factor calls their Max Effect Nail Polish a "great solution for a quick blast of high fashion and trend led color. The colors have literally been taken straight off the runway for you to inject some fun into your everyday wardrobe without costing a fortune." I've been questing for the coveted shade Fantasy Fire for quite a while but I've never found it, so I had darling Deano go on the quest for me. He found me two bottles at Priceline for $5 AUD each. Unfortunately Max Factor products are not currently available in the United States.Many Max Factor products overlap with the Covergirl line available here in America, for example, their Flipsticks and Lash Blast/False Lash Effect mascaras are exactly the same. Sadly the Max Effect polishes aren't carried into the Covergirl line. Max Factor's Max Effect polishes are very small, about half the size of your average polish. This nail lacquer was made in France. Max Factor products are tested on animals.

 Packaging for Max Factor's Max Effect Nail Polishes is nice. The bottle is small and square in shape. There's quite a bit of excess glass at the bottom of the bottle. The round, black plastic cap is actually taller than the bottle. The Max Factor logo and product name are printed in gold lettering. The Max Effect brush is short, flat, and a bit stiff with no splayed bristles.
 Max Factors Fantasy Fire can be used alone or as a layering polish. Because this lacquer is intended for layering, its quite thin and applies in thin, even layers. It takes three or four coats to make Fantasy Fire opaque. Fantasy Fire doesn't wear super well on it's own, probably because of how many coats are needed to reach opacity. When layered over another polish, Fantasy Fire doesn't seem to effect how it wears. Because the formula of this polish is so thin, it dries very quickly, about 30-40 seconds per coat.
 Max Factor's Fantasy Fire is so beautiful and comple, so amazing. In the bottle and on the nail, Fantasy Fire looks like an iridescent purple with red and gold shimmer and a jelly finish. As you turn the bottle over in your hand, you'll see flashes of every color you can imagine. It's breathtaking, a work of art in nail polish form. Fantasy Fire can transfer any polish you layer it over. It gives reds a polish a golden tone, blues get a gold and green sheen, and purples develop a red cast. The things Fantasy Fire can do to any regular polish truly fantastic! I've previous compared Fantasy Fire to Julep's Julia, and while I would group them into a similar family of polishes, they're definitely not dupes.
[top: Julep Julia, bottom: Max Factor Fantasy Fire]
I really love Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. The formula isn't perfect, you'll go through the little bottles pretty fast if you wear it alone, but the color is so worth it. Its so multi-faceted and makes any color you layer it over so much more interesting. I hope that Max Factor one day returns to America, but until then you'll likely hae to stalk Amazon or eBay if you hope to get your hands on Fantasy Fire. If you live in a country where Max Factor is available, you have no excuse not to own this shade. Go get it!

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I received this product as gift. 


  1. pretty shade! I'm sure it'll go with most outfits :) xx

  2. this is sublime, intensely gorgeous!

  3. Amazing colour!

    Emma x

  4. This is gorgeous! I was so bummed when they stopped carrying Max Factor in the States. I hope I can get my hands on one of these in the future via swap or ebay.
    Lovely review!

  5. Love this color. So beautiful!

  6. I went to like 4 different stores looking for this, many places had Fantasy Fire listed, but there was only a matte purple in the spot. So, be careful I guess.

  7. Awesome review!I've been wanting Fantasy Fire for the longest time, will have to check out ebay for it D: Dropping by from Brightside Beauty Blog Hop.

    New follower with GFC and bloglovin

  8. AGHHH THE SHIMMER! Very very pretty XD