How To Use Cheek Stains ft. Benefit PosieTint

 Cheek stains are a great way to add a natural looking flush, but unfortunately not everyone is familiar with how to use these products. I wouldn't call cheek stains a new type of product. I think "uncommon" would be a better term. Cheek stains seem to be non-existent among drugstore brands and still aren't super easy to find in high end brand's offering. This type of product seems to be most easily found through specialty brands like Benefit, Pixi, and theBalm. For this post I'll be using Benefit's PosieTint as the featured product, but the tips in this post can be used for any liquid or gel style cheek stain or tint.

Some examples of popular cheek stains are:

Benefit BeneTint, PosieTint, and Cha Cha Tint; TheBalm's Stainiac; Tarte Cheek Stains; and Pixi Cheek Gel
 Cheek stains are extremely easy to apply, the difficulty comes in knowing how much to apply and when. Because most cheek stains are liquid or gel products, its best to apply them before any powder product touches your face. Exactly when you apply cheek tints is up to you, depending on your desired look. For the most natural look, apply your cheek stain under your foundation. This method will look like a natural blush coming from within. Of course, cheek stains can also be applied over non powder foundations for a more obvious pop of color on the cheek.

The biggest tip for a good application of a cheek stain is to use as little product as possible. Often times the pigment in this type of product is very concentrated, so you only need a little dab of product. Start off with one of two dots of stain (I used 3 to make it more obvious in photos) and pat them onto the cheeks with your fingers. A brush can be used, but I prefer and recommend using fingers for most liquidy products, and I feel like the warmth of fingers helps meld the product with the skin or product underneath. See how you like the results of just a dot or two, then decide if you want to add more. Build up the color slowly, and always pat it in thoroughly. As with any cosmetic, its easy to add more, but hard to remove some without ruining your whole look. That's doubly true for cheek stains, since they quite literally stain the skin. Once its on there's really no going back, so don't fudge it.
The key to successful cheek stain application is being careful, precise, and patient. Cheek tints are, when applied correctly, the most natural and longest lasting way to add color to the cheeks. Fingers seem to be the best tool for these products, and a tapping/patting motion seems to give the most realistic finish  and best color payoff. Cheek tints are a great product, I hope ELF, NYX, or another affordable but adventurous brand branches out and makes a liquid cheek stain.

Have you tried any cheek stains or tints? What are your thoughts on them? How do you apply them? Feel free to share your own tips and tricks in the comments, or just tell me your favorite cheek stain.

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  1. I have a few of Benefit's Benetint and I use them more often in the hot summer months as they seem to last longer on my cheeks than powder.

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  3. I have always wanted to try cheek stains but I never knew how to apply them, thanks for your sharing this info.

  4. Great post! I always have trouble applying stains.