Goody Spin Pin Review

Goody Spin Pins are hair pins that I've been interested in for quite a while, probably ever since they came out a few years ago. Goody says that these unique hair pins will "allow you to easily achieve chic up-do style. Simply twirl your hair up and spin two Spin Pins in for a undone bun, side bun, or double bun." These pins are available in two colors for light and dark hair. Goody makes a very lofty claim about the Spin Pins, stating that they'll do the work of 20 bobby pins. I can't really test that claim, I own no bobby pins and have never styled my hair with them. In fact, let me just put this out there, I don't know nothin' about hair. My hair has four styles, pony tail, half pony tail, a basic bun, or a braid. Anything else is entirely too much effort for me. Spin Pins are sold in sets of two and sell for between $5-8, depending on where you buy them. Goody also offers Spin Pin Minis, which come in sets of three and sell for the same price. I was sent two sets of these hair pins as part of a Christmas gift from my friend Mariah. Good Spin Pins are made in China. 

 [Brand new unused pin]
Goody's Spin Pins come housed in a pink cardboard box with directions on how to use the pins along with tips on creating certain styles. The pins themselves are dark brown (the ones for blonde hair are a gold). These pins have a double helix shape (think of a DNA strand). These pins are made of a light metal, I think it might be aluminum. Goody's pins aren't the most sturdy, they get bent out of shape pretty quickly, they seem like the type of product that needs to be repurchased often.
[this pin has seen far better days]
 Goody's Spin Pins seem kinda intimidating at first. If you have thick hair like I do, you know how much it sucks to get any hair accessory stuck in your hair. A double helix shaped pin seems like a disaster waiting to happen, but no! The Spin Pins are surprisingly easy to use and remove for the most part. All you do is spin them in, for once it really is as easy as the company makes it seem. To take the Spin Pins out, just twist them in the opposite direction and they pop right out. You do need to be careful not to interlock them, that can cause a bit of a sticky situation. I have pretty mixed results when I use Goody Spin Pins. They seem to hol a bun pretty well for a couple hours, but my bun will slowly slide down and come undone throughout the day. A few spritzes of a good hair spray can combat this issue. Spin Pins are ideal for those who have hair that's uniform in length, if you have some layers you'll have lots of bits coming out unless you use several pins. Spin Pins are comfortable, I never really notice that they're in my hair.
[I tried. Please excuse the state of my hair it was slightly damp and towel dried]
Goody Spin Pins are ok. I don't reach for them very often and I don't feel as though they're dependable enough for my work days, but they're nice if I want to toss my hair up in a bun for a few hours. They're kinda noticeable in my hair, seeing as the pins are dark brown and my hair is red, but whatevs. These pins are very easy to use, much easier than I expected. If you have basic hair skills you should try these easy to use little tools. I wouldn't recommend Spin Pins if you have thin or fine hair, but otherwise you should be good to go. By the way, check your dollar stores for these, that's where my friend found them. 


  1. They didn't work in my hair =[

  2. I have super thick and long hair and I love these! I ignore the directions though and gather my hair in a ponytail first . My pins will stay all day but on their own they won't hold up.

  3. These never work for me, my hair is too long and heavy :( Great blog!

    1. =( sorry to hear that. I think my hair is a bit too heavy for them too, I mean look at that horribly deformed pin.