ELF Custom Compact Review

 ELF's Custom Compact is "designed for the girl on the go! This magnetic lock in system has four compartments created to offer the ability to switch out your favorite eye, lip, and face shades. The compact includes a mirror so you can always be sure that you look your best!" I'd been meaning to pick up this palette for quite a while, but I haven't ordered from ELF in like two years and hadn't found this palette in stores until recently. I picked up my ELF Custom Compact at Target for $1. ELF offers pans of eyeshadow and lipstick that you can pop into this palette. Each pan retails for $1 as well. ELF products are cruelty free and made in China. ELF items can be bought through the brand's website an at select Targets, Kmarts, Walmarts, Big Lots, and drug and dollar stores.

 ELF's Custom Compact measures 3x3" and is quite thin. This compact is made of midweight, shiny, ivory plastic. There's a small tab that will pop this compact open. Opening ELF's Custom Compact reveals four slots for round, standard sized eyeshadows (think MAC shadows). The base of the compact is magnetic, but it isn't very strong. The tray can be easily popped out if you want to fit more than four shadows in it. ELF includes a decent quality, double ended sponge tip applicator. The inside of the lid offers a very nice mirror. The size of this compact makes it very convenient to just toss in your bag..but don't toss it too hard. This compact isn't super sturdy. I left one of my cheap ELF eyeshadows in it and dropped it onto a linoleum floor from a height of about 2 1/2 feet to test the sturdiness, and the results weren't great. The eyeshadow wasn't wrecked, but it did break a little around the edges. The compact or mirror didn't crack though, so it isn't as flimsy as it feels.
ELF's Custom Compact is a good deal, but you also get what you pay for. The compact is decently sized, so storage and travel are no problem at all. The magnet isn't super strong, but it'll hold most eyeshadows in place. I recommend ELF's Custom Compact if you have a few loose pans and don't want to spend upwards of $10 on a MAC or Z palette. I'll likely repurchase this compact if I acquire anymore pan eyeshadows.


  1. I didn't know elf was doing these palettes, how nice! I wish I still lived close to a Kmart because I liked going there and looking at elf products

    1. Yeah, I love browsing the ELF display at my Target!

  2. I can see my towel in the 3rd picture!