Collective Birthday Haulage (Ulta, Sephora, BBW, Avon, Target)

My 21st birthday is on Thursday, and I decided to treat myself to some beauty goodies. I haven't grabbed more than one or two cosmetic items here or there since January, so I decided it was ok to go a little bit crazy (provided I don't do this again til July). So here are the goodies I got
From Target:*
Pacifica Sea Foam Face Wash ($10)
ELF Daily Moisture Stick ($6)
Pixi Correction Concentrate ($15) - I've heard so much great stuff about it!
ELF Individual Lashes ($1) - I needed these to mask my unfortunate lose of lashes, til they return
 ELF Blending Eye Brush and Eyeshadow Brush ($1 each)
From Bath&BodyWorks:*
I only picked up 5 Pocket Bacs on the 5/$5 Deal.
From Ulta:
Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen - $8
Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - ($34).
I've heard the best thing you can buy yourself for your 21st is a good eye i did.
Benefit Dandelion Wishes set - Gift with purchase
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum+Soft Kohl Eyeliner - $10
I hope these lashes grow back soon for real.
Bare Minerals Flawless Complexion Essentials Kit - $15
If I knew everything here was so ridiculously small I wouldn't have bought it. =(
From Sephora:*
Benefit Birthday Turn Ons Set - Free
Tarte High Performance Naturals Set - $12
From Avon:
Glow Bronzing Gel in Light Bronze - $4.99
Super Shock Gel Eyeliner in Shimmering Sapphire - Free*

Items marked with a * were paid for with money given as a gift, or were given to me as a gift. 


  1. Nice haul! And happy birthday! :D I haven't been doing much in the blogging world lately and I clearly missed what happened to your lashes! Can I ask what happened? And I'm happy to see you got that benefit eye cream!

    1. Thank you =D Good to see you commenting again! My lashes on my left eye got signed down to little nubs at work, only in the middle, so they're still long on the corners and it looks so stupid =(

    2. Oh no! At least you didn't hurt yourself! I'm happy to be back too! Sometimes I just fall out of the swing of you believe I haven't even worn makeup in like a month?! I just haven't been feeling it :p

    3. Ikr! I don't even entirely know what happened, that's the weird part. And no way! I don't think I could last that long without makeup.

  2. The Pixi Correction Concentrate is tha bomb!