Benefit Laugh With Me Lee Lee Eau De Toilette Review

 Benefit wrote a little poem about their Crescent Row perfume Laugh With Me Lee Lee:
"Her playful wink and mischievous smile,
The flirtatious side of a her innocent style,
No thought or worry of what's meant to be,
First Laughter, then love,
Along came Lee Lee"
Benefit describes this fragrance as a "flirty and feminine woody floral". Benefit offers eight Crescent Row scents, I've sampled all of them, but chose Laugh With Me Lee Lee, which was suggested to me by a Benefit sales associate. I bought this perfume at Ulta, well I shouldn't say bought be cause I got it for free by cashing in my rewards points, but you know what I mean. Each Crescent Row Eau de Toilette contains 1fl oz (30ml) and retails for $36. Benefit does not test on animals. This perfume was made in the United States. Benefit products can be bought through the brand's website, at Benefit boutiques and counters, Sephora, and Ulta.

 The packaging for this entire range is gorgeous and playful. Each fragrance comes in a cardboard box designed to look like a house. The box unfolds to reveal the interior of the house, along with the bottle of perfume. Benefit's Crescent Row perfumes come in a bottle shaped like a martini shaker. Laugh With Me Lee Lee comes in a gold metal bottle with a bright floral printed label wrapped around it. The scent name is printed on the sticker affixed to the bottle. The packaging is very cute but also kinda fancy. This perfume line has a very collectible appeal to it.
 Benefit's scent line was created with the help of Francois Demachy. The line started out with three scents (Lee Lee is on of the original) and has expanded since it launched in 2009. This Eau de Toilette is surprisingly strong, I need just about three spritzes of it. The lasting powder is pretty good, I don't think that Laugh With Me Lee Lee lasts all day, but it comes close, I notice it for about six hours after application.
 Benefit lists the notes of  Laugh With Me Lee Lee as:

Top Notes: Cassis, Melon, Citrus
Mid Notes: Black Violet, Lily, Jasmine
Dry Notes: Blond Woods, Amber, Santal

Man, these scent notes are refreshingly simple compared to the pretentiously described Bath&BodyWorks notes I'm used to. I can see why Laugh With Me Lee Lee is the most popular of the Crescent Row scents, it has that universally appealing perfumey scent. This isn't a particularly unique fragrance by any means, it just smells like perfume. Laugh With Me Lee Lee is a somewhat powdery florally trwist right at the end. I love that Lee Lee contains violet, my all time favorite scent note, even though its barely apparent in this scent. None of the notes are really obvious come to think about it, they all mesh together nicely to create this feminine, bland, but pretty scent.
Benefit's Laugh With Me Lee Lee is a pretty unexciting scent, but its nice. Powdery, lightly floral with a quiet citrus note that lingers in the background. Its plain, and that's what gives Lee Lee her mass appeal. I've really enjoyed my bottle of this perfume and recommend it if you want to to try one of the eight Benefit Crescent Row eau de toilettes. I likely won't repurchase Laugh With Me Lee Lee, I have enough perfumes and body sprays as it is, plus I'd rather try The Garden of Good and Eva next. Regardless, Benefit's Laugh With Me Lee Lee is a basic perfume with beautiful packaging and a surprisingly reasonable price tag. 

Alcohol Denat, Fragrance, Water, Butylphenyl Methylpropinol, Limonen, citral, Isoeugenol, Linalool, BHT, Methyl 2 Octoynoate, Geraniol


  1. Would you live with me in that house ;-;

  2. I love the packaging, it's so cute!

    1. I think almost everything Benefit makes is adorable, but these perfumes really take the cake for cutest packaging.