Avon Coral Radiance Ideal Luminous Blush Review

 Avon's Coral Radiance is a new, limited edition shade of Ideal Luminous Blush. Avon offers a total of ten shades to choose from. Avon says that their Ideal Luminous blush offers "buildable, skin enhancing shades that go from soft and sheer to a perfect pop of radiant color with a natural luminous finish that lasts for hours. silky smooth, long wearing color." Ideal Luminous blushes contain 6.23g (.22 oz)and retail for $8. I bought Coral Radiance for $3.99 on a special deal. This blush was made in China. Avon does not test on animals, except in their Chinese market. Avon products can be ordered online, or through your local Avon sales representative.

 Ideal Luminous blushes come in a black cardboard box. The product name and Avon logo grace the front of the box. The back and sides of the box offer application tips, company info and a full ingredient list. The blush comes in a square plastic compact with the Avon logo engraved into it. The compact has a push button opening. The compact has a decently sized, good quality mirror, as well as a little brush. This brush will work in a pinch but I wouldn't recommend using it. The packaging is way bigger than I expected. The pan of blush is pretty small, about 2x1", so there's really no reason to have a compact so large that I can barely hold it in my hand. Hopefully Avon drops the brush and makes the compact more..compact. By the way, this shiny black packaging shows lots of finger prints.
 If I had reviewed this blush earlier this week like I had intended to I would've told you that I hate this blush and that I was returning it, but I've come around...mostly. I still don't think that its great, but I don't plan on returning it anymore. The texture of Avon's Ideal Luminous Blush is very powdery, this blush kicks up a ridiculous amount of excess powder. Because this blush is so powdery I find it hard to pick up with a brush. Application is just as easy as any other powder blush. Wear is average, about six hours before it starts to fade.
 Coral Radiance wasn't pigmented at all initially. Apparently I needed to work through the top layer before it would give off any color. Coral Radiance is a really nice color for spring and summer. This shade is actually pretty complex, I had a hell of a time capturing the color in a photo. Coral Radiance is a very yellowy orange coral with sparse silver glitters. Despite looking very orangey in the pan, Coral Radiance shows up as a soft pink coral flush on my fair skin. The shimmer doesn't transfer very much, just a fleck or two. Coral Radiance can be built up or sheered out depending on what you prefer and how you apply it. Coral Radiance is probably better suited to warm skin than cool, and will show up best on fair to tan skin.
Avon's Ideal Luminous Blush in Coral Radiance is only ok, The packaging is bulky and the brush is kinda junky, I wish it wasn't included. The texture is extremely powdery, but the color pay off is decent. I really like the color of Coral Radiance, it's very pretty and great for spring. This is really an unusual shade of coral, it has a strong yellowy tinge to it that you don't often see. The overall quality of this blush is so-so, you need to work your way through the top layer to get good color payoff. I came very close to returning this blush, I'm still kinda on the fence about it. Because I have such mixed feelings about this blush I don't feel like I can recommend it. I wouldn't repurchase this blush, but I'll continue to use it. 



  1. This could make you very luminous.

  2. lol @Dean, yes it's beautiful :)

  3. ooh, I love Avon, I just made an order, loove your blog, too. I just moved to the States and all the bueaty stuff here is still new to me, great to have a blog, where I can find helpful reviews. Had to follow immediately.

    1. Welcome to America =D Enjoy all the new beauty goodies you can get your hand on. Thanks for the follow.