Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow Brush Review

 Urban Decay's Good Karma Shadow Brush is the "ultimate eyeshadow tool. Get an all over sweep of color with the flat side of the brush, or use the fine, rounded tip for more precise shading. Thanks to the tight bristles, this multi-purpose brush picks up a little or lot of shadow,k so you can shade, blend, and define. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice with her first set of brushes, this is one you'll want in your collection." I got this brush as part of the doubled side brush included with the Naked2 Palette. Usually I'd never review a brush included with a palette separately, but this one is actually the same quality as the individually sold version. That alone is impressive and something I commend Urban Decay for doing that. The Good Karma Shadow Brush retails individually for $26. The entire line of Good Karma brushes has taklon bristles and is vegan friendly. Urban Decay is a cruelty free brand. This brush was made in China.
 Since my brush came with a palette, its a little different. My Urban Decay Shadow Brush has a reflective, greige plastic handle. The Urban Decay and Naked2 logos are printed on the handle. This brush is extremely lightweight. The shape of the brush head puzzles me slightly. It looks more like a concealer brush than eyeshadow brush. The taklon bristles are duo-toned, the base is taupe, the tops are white. The bristles are very stiff and densely packed into a precise paddle shaped. You know...like a concealer brush. The stiff bristles don't pick up product very well at all. The bristles are pristine though, they're extremely uniform, not one bristle is out of place and I've never lost any. This brush washes well and dries very quickly. The only problem is that the white portion of the bristles get stained.
 I'm not in love with the way this brush works. Like I said, this brush doesn't pick up much product, so I need to keep dipping it back into the pan. The thin brush head is so hard that I find it a little uncomfortable to use. The Good Karma Shadow Brush packs shadow on well, but I feel like ELF's Eyeshadow Brush works just as well, if not better, and picks up product more easily, as well as being more comfortable to use. In my opinion, this style of brush is better suited for cream eyeshadow or concealer, but once again I have better brushes suited for that.
I'm not a fan of Urban Decay's Good Karma Shadow Brush. I had to force myself to use it for testing/review purposes. I don't see myself reaching for it very often. The quality is good, but I think there are superior eyeshadow brushes out there for much less than $26. I preferred the Good Karma Crease Brush and would recommend it over the Shadow brush if you want to invest in an Urban Decay Brush.