Soho Get a Grip Crease Brush Review

 Soho's Get a Grip Crease Brush has "soft and fluffy bristles tapered to a slight point, perfect for applying eyeshadow to the crease of your eye. It is also ideal for blending multiple shades of eyeshadow together." Thus brush has an erganomic plastic handle. I received this brush in my January Ipsy Bag. The brush head is made of taklon bristles. This brush was made in China. The Soho Crease Brush retails for around $8.99 and can be bought at drugstores, Target, Walmart, and Ulta.
 Soho Crease Brush came in a plastic tube that included a pamphlet explaining how to apply a variety of cosmetics with Soho brushes. The back of the pamphlet offers a description of the Crease brush, along with directions on how to clean it. Soho's Get a Grip Crease Brush has a very long, thin, black plastic handle. The handle is extremely lightweight and really doesn't need to be this long. Right below the ferrule (which features the Soho logo), the handle nips in a bit in three pplaces, which is supposed to create an erganomic grip. Honestly I don't feel a difference.
Soho's Crease brush is huge! How is a brush this big supposed to be used in the crease when it's literally 2/3 the size of my ENTIRE eyelid? I can't even blend with it, as once again, it's far too large, making my eyeshadow look overblended and muddy. It isn't all bad though, the Soho Crease Brush is perfect for softly dusting a light wash of color all over the lid, up into the crease. Though the crease brush isn't idea for blending two or more shadows together, its great for diffusing the edges of looks. The bristles on this brush are much softer than the ones on the other Soho brush I have, but really they aren't that good of quality. They crimp and splay rather easily. The brush, which rounds out at the top, keeps it's shape well enough. I really wish the brush head was denser, it seems a little flimsy. The Soho Get a Grip Crease Brush washes well, product comes out of the bristles without much effort, no shedding, and it dries quickly.  
This brush is ok, but over all the quality is pretty poor. I get a decent amount of use from it, but it doesn't really live up to it's name. You need to have massive eyes to use the Soho Get a Grip Crease Brush for it's intended purpose. I'd recommend this brush if you want a tool for softly buffing shadow on the lid, but it isn't goo for much else. I wouldn't repurchase this brush, and don't see myself trying anything else from the brand. 


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  2. Now your hand is all relaxed while you brush!