Sinful Colors Let's Talk Review

 Sinful Colors' Let's Talk is such a beautiful purple, definitely my favorite color that I've picked up from the brand. This is far from my favorite nail polish brand, I've had a lot of wear and staining issues with other Sinful polishes, but Let's Talk may have changed my opinion. Sinful Colors, a recent acquisition of Revlon, offers a huge selection of shades for a very reasonable price. Each bottle contains .5fl oz (15ml) and retails for around $2. Sinful Colors nail lacquers are DBP, Toluene, and formaldehyde free. Sinful Colors does not test on animals and makes their products in the USA. Sinful Colors products are available at drugstores worldwide.
 Sinful Colors' bottles are plain but cute. The round glass bottles are topped with a texturized black plastic cap. SC is embossed on the top of the cap. The brand logo can be found on the front of the bottle. Some product info can be found on the back of the bottle. The shade name is listed on a label on the bottom of the bottle. The Sinful Colors brush is pretty basic; average length, average width, average flexibility, with no splayed bristles.
Let's Talk's formula seems very thin, which is definitely a problem that plagues Sinful Colors polishes. The polish just drips off the brush in a way that had me awaiting application disaster. Surprisingly, this polish only pools a bit on the edges of the nails. The first coat of Let's Talk goes on streaky and uneven, but has decent color payoff. The second coat evens out everything and makes the color entirely opaque. Let's Talk dries pretty quickly, about a minute per coat. This polish doesn't chip or peel, but the wear isn't that good. Let's Talk suffers from significant shrinkage, which is unattractive and eventually causes the polish to come off. 
I'm kinda willing to overlook the shrinkage because the color of Let's Talk is beautiful and so brilliant that my camera can't handle it! Let's Talk is a bright but deep purple with strong blue tones. This is definitely an eye catching, flashy color, which is only enhanced by the nearly metallic finish. Unfortunately, Let's Talk;s finish gets very dull after a day or so because of the shrinkage. 
I like Sinful Color's Let's Talk. The color is so beautiful and deep. I don't have many purple polishes, so this shade is really a standout in my collection. While Let's Talk doesn't suffer from the watery formula and peeling so many other Sinful polishes do, but it does shrink on the nail. The formula isn't perfect but the color is! The rich, shiny purple is bold, intense and well worth putting up with the poor wear. I'd definitely recommend and repurchase Sinful Color's Let's Talk. I buy it as a gift for friends pretty often. Who can't fall in love with this color?