Nescafe Mocha Memento Instant Coffee Review

 Nescafe's newest instant coffee product, or "specialty coffee beverage" is a pre-portioned powder with the milk and sugar already in it. Nescafe calls their Memento coffees "expertly crafted cafe beverages with coffee house quality flavor and foam that lasts until the final sip. Made with real coffee, milk, and sugar. Three enticing flavors await!" This coffee is available in Caramel Latte, Cappuccino, and Mocha. I've tried all three flavors, but this review is specifically for Mocha, since I've had more of it. Nescafe Memento coffes come in a box of eight packets, each packet contains 24g and makes an 8oz cup of coffee. Each box of eight packets retails for around $4 (50c per packet), which I feel is a little expensive for instant coffee. I received four samples courtesy of Nescafe during an online promotion, as well as a few coupons. I also purchased a box of these coffees at Walmart. Nescafe products are easily available at major retailers and grocery stores. This product is made in Mexico.
 Nescafe Mementos has nice packaging! The packets come in a cardboard box with the product name and and a mug of coffee with the flavor name drizzled into the the coffee's foam, very appealing. The box also offers directions for preparation, nutritional information, company info, and a full ingredient list. Each packet is thin and also offers directions and the same graphics as the box. These packets are small, so they're great to take with you anywhere.
 Nescafe's Memento Instant coffes are a fine powder that you pour into hot water. I use my Keurig to heat the water up, bringing it to my ideal temperature. Preparing your Nescafe Memento couldn't be simply, just pour the powder in and stir. I prefer to use a small whisk because I feel like it help the product froth up more and mixes the powder in more thoroughly. This powdered coffee foams up as you mix it in. The ingredients in this instant coffee react to the warm water, it will not mix into or foam up in cool water, it'll just sit on the surface. Nescafe claims that this coffee's foam will last til the very last sip, but I disagree. The foam, which is really pleasant and dense, lasts for about a third of the cup, then things out from there. The foam clings the walls of my ceramic mug and can be difficult to wash out. My only other complaint, which is irrelevant to the other two flavors, is that the cocoa in the mocha flavor separates and sinks to the bottom of the mug, so you way want to stir it up once in a while if you take a bit to drink your coffee like I do.
 I had my doubts about Nescafe's Mementos, I've never been much of an instant coffee fan, but these really make a decent cup of coffee! The sugar, cocoa, and milk balance the coffee flavor well. The mouthfeel is creamy and a little frothy, a nice change from the average cup of coffee you might brew at home. None of the three flavors are particularly strong or complex, so they'll please a lot of pallets, but wont wow any hardcore coffee fans. The Mocha flavor is nice, it has a light but distinct cocoa note that gets a little more chocolaty as you drink it.
 I wouldn't say the Nescafe Memento Mocha is as a good as a coffee you could get at a small coffee shop, or even at a Gloria Jeans or Starbucks, but its frothy and tasty, plus they're really convenient. I think this instant coffee is a little overpriced for what they are, but you pay for convenience and if you compare it to what you'd pay at a coffee shop, you're saving several bucks per cup. I probably won't repurchase these instant coffee packets for full price, but I'd buy them again on sale or with a coupon. I'd buy the Caramel Latte flavor next time though, it's my favorite of the three. I'd like to see Nescafe do a variety pack of their Memento coffees, I'd be more likely to buy that. I'd recommend these if you can get them for a reasonable price.

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I received free samples from Nescafe during an open offer. The subject of this review was paid for with my own money and a coupon provided with the samples. This review is not sponsored in any way. 

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  1. How come your coffee doesn't have a fancy mocha label in it ;-;