My Thoughts on Ipsy

Last week I explained the Julep Maven subscription service. This week I wanted to touch on Ipsy, or MyGlam as it was formerly known. I've been subscribed to Ipsy for nine months and it's definitely my favorite beauty subscription service. I've had nothing but good experiences with Ipsy. I like the price, the products, and the customer service. I've recommended their monthly beauty bag to many friends and followers, here's why:

Ipsy is a simpler service than Julep. There are no referral codes, reward points, or style profiles to choose from. There really isn't much to explain. When you sign up for Ipsy you take a brief "beauty quiz". How you answer these questions doesn't typically effect what products you get, since for the most part everyone gets the same thing every month, but more of what shades you get. I don't really recall what the beauty quiz questions are like, but I believe they just ask about your skin tone and type, as well as color preferences. After you take the beauty quiz you provide Ipsy with your shipping and billing information. Ipsy offers monthly payments for bags, which cost $10/month ($10+$5 Shipping for Canadian subscribers). If you elect to buy your bags on a monthly basis, your credit card is automatically charged on the first of each month. You can also purchase an entire year's worth of bags for $110 (you get one bag free). Annual subscribers are billed for the whole amount at once. Ipsy does not offer refunds, so I wouldn't recommend it. Ipsy also began offering a gift subscription. Gift subscriptions are available for 3, 6, 12, or 24 months and cost between $30-220. Ipsy has a waiting list, so don't expect to begin receiving bags right away. I believe the waiting list wait time is about 1-2 months, though it may be longer or shorter, depending on when you sign up.

So what kind of brands is Ipsy partnered with, and what kind of products are included in Ipsy bags? They send a huge variety of stuff. I've received eyeliners, lip glosses, mascaras, brushes, primers, hairsprays, moisturizers and much more. Ipsy has sent products from an equally huge range of brands. Products you receive from Ipsy can range from drugstore brands like Yes To, NYX, and Freeman, to mid-range brands like Pop Beauty, theBalm, and Pixi, along with indie brands like Nailtini, and high end brands like Benefit, Urban Decay, Josie Maran, and Bare Minerals. Ipsy sends a mixture of deluxe samples, travel sized products, and full sized items. No little one use packets and vials of perfumes. Most bags include 1, if not 2 full size products, so the value is always there. The value of the last several bags has ranged from $15, all the way up to a little over $70. 

Ipsy also has a special offer for every brand that cooperates with them. The offer is typically 10-30% off your entire purchase, though sometimes you can get free shipping or extra samples with an order as well. Each offer can be accessed with a coupon code, and occasionally you can print out a coupon to use in store as well. 

My favorite aspect of Ipsy is that I've been exposed to so many brands and products I never would've used or heard of otherwise. I've come to love brand like Juice Beauty, theBalm, and Pacifica because of Ipsy. I've also received some products in Ipsy bags that've become integral parts of my beauty routine. Big Sexy Hair's Spray&Play Hair Spray is my go to styling product. 

So maybe Ipsy hasn't been as good for you or maybe you want to put the $10/month towards another subscription, or something more practical. How do you cancel? It seems pretty easy, you just log into your Ipsy account and click "cancel subscription" and that's it. I'm sure they'll probably ask you why. Unfortunately, Ipsy does not offer a "skip" option, so if you're hoping to avoid being charged for a bag for a month or two, you'll need to cancel your account. This is a huge flaw, because you'll likely be placed on the waiting list. 

Ipsy also features an online community where you can chat with other "Ipsters" (ugh), share looks and videos you've created, and participate in contests. I don't really use the community (I use so many other social media sites). Those who are very active in the Ipsy community occasionally have a chance to receive extra "sneak peek" samples. For example, they have active "Ipsters" a sample of the Urban Decay Beauty Balm before it went on sale. 

Ipsy hasn't always been perfect. back in their MyGlam era they were some full blown disasters. Lost bags, questionable products, bags full of foil packets, double and triple charging, and more. We've all heard the horror stories. Luckily they've done a 180 and have begun to offer awesome products and customer service. Last month I had a payment issue and they fixed products within just a few emails. My bag was about a week late, but I felt that is was justified considering the issue. 

I'm extremely pleased with Ipsy. I've never been truly disappointed by any of the  or 9 bags I've received (though March was pretty iffy). They've really stepped up their game in the last few months. This is a subscription service I recommend to just about anyone. It's affordable and you always get your money's worth. I don't see myself unsubscribing any time soon. 

For reference, here are the brands that Ipsy has teamed up with. I hope to keep this list updated with each new bag. 

Feel free to share your experiences with Ipsy or ask questions in the comments. 

This post was not sponsored in any way. This post was written in response to questions I've received about this service, and why I endorse it. All information in this post was gathered from Ipsy's website and through personal experience. 


  1. I consider myself an Ipster.

  2. Hi! I found your lovely blog on The Best Blog REcipes link party! I just followed you on Bloglovin! I myself was a subscriber of Ipsy and loved it for the time I was subscribed. Would love if you could check out my blog:)
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  3. Great post! I'm a fan of Ipsy although I agree that these past months haven't been the greatest, we've just gotta stick with them, I think the company really listens to their customers, they'll improve, without a doubt.