Minerals by Bee Winter Mineral Eye Sparkle Review

 This is gonna be a fun one. Minerals by Bee is not exactly a brand that I trust. I had some customer service issues right off the bat, and suspicions about the nature of the products once I received, but I decided to try them out and review the samples I received anyway. The product that appealed to me the most was the Mineral Eye Sparkle, which will help you "get to sparkling and shining with MMB's Eye Sparkle Mineral Shadow. Have fun choosing amongst various colors. Brighten eyes with metallics or soften them with shimmers. All MMB Eye Sparkle Powders are formulated micronized mica (an all natural ingredient) and are long lasting, weightless, non-irritating, and do not contain talc, oil, or fragrance". I received a sample of this eyeshadow in a free pack of samples, the same sample packet is still available but it now sells for $3. The full size of this eyeshadow retails for $14 and contains 5g. There's a total of fourteen shades, I have Winter. Minerals by Bee products can be bought from the brand's webstore. Minerals By Bee is a cruelty free brand. This brand claims that their products are made to order.
 Minerals By Bee's Mineral Eye Sparkle comes in a non-descript, oval shaped black pot with a clear window on the top, letting you peek in at the color. The lid can be a little difficult to twist on and off, but I have no major complains. The shade name can be found on a label on the bottom of the pot.
 Ok here's where the problem begins. The Mineral Eye Sparkle is not an eyeshadow. At least the shade Winter isn't. This is nothing more than a fine, loose, cosmetic grade glitter. No actual pigment, just glitter. Had this been marketed as a glitter there would be no complaints. Eyeshadow and pure glitter are not the same thing. Yes glitter can be used as eyeshadow and eyeshadows can certainly contain glitter, but that does not make them one in the same. On Minerals by Bee's website they show a photo of a model "wearing" a few of their shades, and the very shopped photo shows opaque color payoff. Not glitter. So not only is Mineral By Bee's Mineral Eye Sparkle in Winter just a plain glitter, it's a bizarrely performing glitter at that. As with any loose glitter, it causes a bit of a mess and a fair bit of fallout. I can't fault this glitter for fallout, that's to be expected from glitter. What I can fault this product for is it's strange aversion to being foiled. Instead of spreading more evenly, applying with more opacity, and causing less fall out,  Minerals by Bee's Mineral Eye Sparkle bunches up and flakes off when applied wet. It's not all bad, it does adhere nicely over a sticky base. Winter is a very pretty glitter, its a basic, finely milled iridescent silver that looks really pretty on it's own or layered over other shadows.
Minerals by Bee's Mineral Eye Sparkle in Winter has not improved my opinion of this indie brand, it's made it worse, actually. Eyeshadow and glitter are different. If the owner had made it clear that this product was a glitter and not a loose eyeshadow this review would've gone in an entirely different direction. Winter is a very pretty but not very unique silver that I'll continue to use, just not wet. The way this glitter performs wet doesn't even make sense. I don't recommend Minerals By Bee's Mineral Eye Sparkle, for the price you could buy a glitter from a much less sketchy brand, like Lit cosmetics.

Mica, Titanium Dioxide

May Contain:
Iron Oxides: (Yellow, Red, black, Brown), Carmine, Manganese Violet,(and) Ferric Ferrocyanide

I received this product for free during a promotion offered by the company.