Mai Couture St. Barts Highlighter Papier Review

 Mai Couture's Highlighter Papier is an innovative way to give yourself a bit of a glow. Mai Couture says "wherever your day takes you; home, the office, 40,000 feet - just one sheet of Mai Couture Highlighter Papier will turn up the wattage on lackluster skin in seconds flat. Perfect for both the face and body and great on all skin tones, Mai Couture Highlighter Papier adds beautiful, flawless, luminosity hygienically and easily while letting you travel light." Each sheet measures 3.9 in x 2.6 in and is one time use. A full size booklet of Mai Couture Highlighter Papier, which is available in only one shade - St. Barts, contains 50 sheets and retails for $28. I received a deluxe sample of 25 sheets in an Ipsy Bag. This highlighter was made in Taiwan. I'm unsure of whether or not this product was tested on animals. Mai Couture products can be bought through the brand's website, and at fine department stores world wide.

 Mai Couture's Highlighter Papiers have very attractive, portable packaging. This product comes in a small, white bookley with the Mai Couture logo in metallic gold. Smaller, raised, Mai Couture logos cover the front and back covers. Instructions and an ingredient list can be found on the back of the booklet. The inside of the back cover offers a diagram showing where and how to highlight using this product. Each Highlighter Papier is made of a thin paper similar to a blotting sheet and is covered with product on one side, and blank on the other. Each sheet tears easily from the booklet. If you're really looking to splurge, Mai Couture offers a special little wallet for you to store all of their Papier products in.
Mai Couture instructs you to tear a single sheet out of the booklet and sweep it over the areas you prefer to highlight. For me, that's the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose, and on my cupid's bow. I find the St. Barts Highlighter Papiers too pink and pigmented to use in such a way. I also feel like it's pretty wasteful to use each sheet only once when there's so much product coating it. To combat the wastefulness, I've taken to to sweeping my fan brush over a sheet and dusting it over the aforementioned areas of my face. A light application with a fan brush gives a beautiful, soft, shimmery, peachy glow. I like the effect, it's lovely, just a bit strong for my very light skin. I feel like St. Barts can also make a pretty, but slightly too shimmery, blush. Whether as a highlighter or a blush Mai Couture's Highlighter Papier is very pretty, but not as easy to apply as the brand makes it seem. The key is to use a light handed application; with a brush, not directly off the sheet. 
 St. Barts is a pretty color, but to me it's more of a blusher than a highlighter. St. Barts is fairly pigmented and shimmery, but not in a total glitter bomb kind of way. The color is very peachy with soft pink and gold tones to it. St Barts might be a very pretty highlighter for darker skin, just not for me.
Mai Couture's St. Barts Highlighter Papier is a pretty unique product, definitely more a luxury or novelty product as opposed to something suited for practical, daily use. I don't find Highlighter Papiers as travel friendly as Mai Couture makes them out to be. For me, a brush is needed. I wouldn't purchase this product, but I'll finish off the packet I received. I don't recommend it either because there are much more practical highlighters and blushes out there for a similar, or more affordable price. If you're on the lookout for a similar product, ELF has Shimmer Sheets, which sells for $3 for 20 sheets and you can choose from four shades. Either way, Mai Couture Highlight Papiers are interesting, they were fun to try, but they aren't something I need, or really want.

Nadelholz's Bleached Kraft Pulp, Hemp Pulp, Mica, Iron Oxides 


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