Little Lush Haul - I FINALLY bought Ocean Salt!

I bought myself an Easter treat...Ocean Salt! Ocean salt is amazing, it's my favorite product from Lush by far (except my hair color). It's the only product that truly reduces my acne and improves my over all skin tone. I've been in love with it for at least 6 months, but I could never bring myself to buy it. Ocean Salt costs a whopping $22 for 4oz or $35 for 8oz. That's loads for a scrub. After suffering a 6 week long bout of itchy, red acne, I decided I needed to invest in a small tub. I'm so excited to have Ocean Salt in my skincare routine again. 

While I was at Lush, the sales associate offered me some samples, so I requested a chunk of Angels on Bare Skin, which was used on me in a demo once and left my skin feeling amazing. Angels on Bare Skin is much cheaper than Ocean Salt, so maybe it will also work wonders for me. 

I couldn't decide on anything else, so I asked the sales girl for a suggestion, and she told me about Breath of Fresh Air, a toner meant for combo skin. She gave me a small sample, but filled the jar absolutely to the brim, so it should last me a while. I tried it out after using Ocean Salt and it tingled nicely and left my skin feeling firm but not tight. 

I'm really excited about all my Lush goodies! What have you bought from Lush lately?


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    1. Are you proud of me? :3

      I'm watching your empties video ^_^

  2. I love Ocean Salt too! It works wonders on my face and brightens like no other!

  3. I was literally just at Lush on Friday and I am trying out the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask for the first time. I used Love Lettuce for a while but I needed a change.

    1. I've never tried either of those masks, but I've been interested in Catastrophe Cosmetic, so let me know how you like it!