Julep's First Modern Beauty Box

 I received Julep's very first Modern Beauty Maven Box today, right as I was on my way to work. I just tore in to it and I'm quite pleased with what's inside! The value of this box is at least $50, which isn't bad considering it retails for $19.99. I redeemed my Julep Jules for this box, so I technically got it for free. Lets take a peek at whats inside: 
 Strawberry Mint Lip Balm - value unknown

This product isn't listed on Julep's website, so I can't tell you the value of it. I'm actually a little bit unsure of this product, it was very, very dust in the box . =\ It seems fine, but it was just strange to receive it that way. 
 Gylcolic Hand Scrub - $23

"This "facial for hands" packs a 10% glycolic acid punch. Whisk away dirt and oil and reveal noticeably softer and younger looking hands after just one use. You'll be surprised that something so effective smells so good! (Insider tip – try this gorgeous scrub all over your body, it’s even gentle enough for your face.)"

Rock Star Hand Cream - $20

Anti-aging, emollient blend of shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, and vitamin E keeps hands hydrated, even after washing. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula will leave you cheering for an encore. Rock on.

Julep is really hyping this product up, so I'm excited to try it out! 

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I redeemed reward/referral points for this box. 

Julep did not sponsor this post or send me these products. They have sent me PR samples in the past. 


  1. I just had this moment where I thought of Nickleback's Rockstar (sue me, I really love some of their songs :3) I might use the handscrub for my feet haha. I have really soft hands but terribly rough (?) feet!

    1. *law suit*
      I tried it on my feet last night and it left them really soft!