EcoTools Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Brush Set Review

 EcoTools says that this supposedly limited edition brush set will help you "create custom coverage with four different kabuki heads, providing multiple brush functionality for a total face makeover. The set is designed to conceal your imperfections, bronze for a sunkissed glow, contour your cheeks, or buff on the perfect powder for an all over flawless face. Each brush has an eye catching, artist designed, limited edition ferrule and incredibly soft, cruelty free bristles". I've had my eye on this set of kabuki brushes ever since it came out about a year and a half a go.'s been out that long. Hopefully EcoTools admits that this brush set isn't limited edition some time soon. I finally took the plunge and bought the set at Ulta for $14.99. EcoTools is a cruelty free brand. These brushes were made in China.
 The Beautiful Expressions Kabuki Set came in a soft green, cardboard package with a clear front. The front part of the box offers the name of each brush, which is great since the brushes themselves aren't labeled. A description of each brush can be found on the back of the box. Each brush is pretty small, they're more of babybukis than full on kabuki brushes. These brushes have silver aluminum handles with the EcoTools logo printed on the base. Each brush handle has a different design ranging from leaves, to flowers, to vines, to peacock features. The designs are all delicate and pretty, a cute detail, but not something I really notice. All four brushes have very soft, duo-toned bristles.

 Concealer Brush
This brush is said to be "shaped like your fingertip to comfortably glide across your smallest features." EcoTools instructs you to "use with liquid concealer or foundation for custom coverage." This brush is quite dense and comes to a slightly tapered, rounded tip. This brush is best used for under eye concealer and can be used in a patting or rolling motion. I feel like this brush could be more pointed, it's hard to get it very close to the eye, so I still feel like I need to use my finger or a smaller brush. I very rarely reach for this concealer kabuki. I feel like this brush isn't useful for spot concealing, as the tip isn't stiff enough. 
 Bronzer Brush
This brush will "expertly apply and blend bronzer all over the face to create a natural looking glow". The bronzer kabuki has a nice, gentle angle to it. I like the shape and I feel like it fits nicely into the areas where I prefer to apply bronzer. The bronzer kabuki blends decently, but it would be better if it were a hair denser. (Great pun, Mary!). The bronzer brush could also be nice for blush application if you have a round or wide face. I reach for this kabuki from time to time, but I prefer to time, but I prefer the Avon Glow Bronzing Brush for bronzer. 
 Contour Brush
EcoTools says their contouring kabuki will "gently apply blush in an upward motion to center and enhance the fullest part of the face". EcoTools, get your shit together, blush and contour are not the same thing (typically). This brush has a really nice shape. It rounds out in the middle and tapers to a soft but somewhat uneven point. I feel like the contouring kabuki can be used for a variety of applications. The contouring kabuki is only ok for applying blush and contour, but what I really like it for is buffing powder all over the face. The contouring brush is the most like a true kabuki, but once again it could be more dense. 
 Buff Brush
This flat top kabuki is supposed to be used to "buff over the face to smooth and remove excess powder for a flawless finish." This is the weak link in the set. The flat top buff brush is pretty flimsy and isn't good at keep it's shape. When used as a buffing brush it just kinda splays out on the face. The buffing brush isn't entirely useless though, it can make a decent stippling brush in a pinch. The key to using EcoTools' buffing kabuki as a stippling brush is to grasp it at the base of the bristles as opposed to the handle. 
The brushes are good quality, they wash well and keep their shape (except the buff brush) and do not shed. I barely consider these kabuki brushes though, they just aren't densely packed with bristles they way a kabuki brush should be. All of the brushes have a purpose, but I don't really reach for any of them on a regular basis. I have better performing brushes. I kinda regret buying this brush set, it isn't as good as I thought it'd be. I don't really recommend it either, I think EcoTools makes better brushes, I'd opt for on of their other kabuki brushes over these. I also want to know why it's still considered limited edition after being readily available after 18+ months. 


  1. Thanks for the helpful review. I do want to try EcoTools, but I think I will skip this set. I a currently loving the Real Techniques brushes.

    1. Real Techniques is a subsidiary of EcoTools! But this set really is unnecessary.

  2. I use the ecotools kabuki brush n.n

  3. Thanks for this review, I was thinking of buying this set, but know I'm not so sure :) I like other brushes by ecotools very much :)