Customer Service Kudos: Tarte

Finally, a positive post about customer service!

Back in December I bought my very first products from Tarte, the Clean Slate Primer Trio. My search for this set was the last straw in my customer service post about Sephora. Well, its gone full circle and I have something good to say. I dove right into the two face primers, Flawless and Poreless, but I put the eye primer on the back burner because I had a few other eye primers to test or finish. I opened my Creaseless 360 Eye Primer for the first time a few days ago and nothing. Nothing came out. So I shook it and palpated the tube and squeezed again. Nothing. Then I squeezed harder. Something! That something just happened to be a small spurt of gross yellowish oil. I continued to shake and squeeze and got nothing else out. I tweeted Tarte about the problem, and got a response right away that directed me to their customer service email. I emailed them, explaining my problem with the primer, discussed details of where and when I bought it, and was offered a replacement. My problem was solved in just four emails. The emails I exchanged with the service rep were polite, professional, and prompt. Good job Tarte, you've earned my first ever customer service kudos.


  1. I also have the primer trio. I had a similar experience with the eye primer, but got it to work! I love it.

    1. Thats great that you got it to work! I wonder why they're oily at first though.