What's The Difference? BB Cream, Concealer, and Foundation.

A week ago I was asked on Tumblr, "What's the difference between BB cream, foundation, and concealer?"  I did my best to answer the question and thought I'd share it here as well. 

BB Creams:
A BB Cream can be a lot of things. In America/Canada/UK its about the same thing thing as a tinted moisturizer, it has very light coverage, just enough to even everything out and give your skin a little bit of moisture and SPF. Every brand is releasing a BB Cream as of late, they're the new trend, but they're rarely the revolutionary new product they claim to be. In fact, Covergirl straight up renamed their tinted moisturizer as a BB cream without changing the formula. These are usually best suited for people with dry to normal skin. However, in Asia, where BB Creams originated, they are highly pigmented skincare products that provide heavier coverage, SPF, and other skin benefits.  Ex: Ponds Luminous Finish BB Cream

A concealer is a used to cover, or conceal, any imperfections on your skin like acne, scarring, under eye circles, discoloration, etc. Concealers are typically used just on certain spots, as opposed to all over the face like a BB Cream or Foundation. Concealers tend to have more concentrated pigment, and provide more coverage that foundation. There are a few different kinds of concealers (sticks, liquid, cream), and each performs different functions. Some are better for concealing under eye circles, others are best for blemishes and discoloration. Ex: Maybelline Master Conceal Conealer

Foundations are typically applied all over the face to even out the skin and provide coverage, they're essentially a base or foundation for the rest of your makeup. Foundations come in a variety of textures (cream, liquid, powder) and coverage levels (sheer to full). Unlike BB Cream, foundations aren't meant to really benefit your skin in anyway, and tend to have more coverage. Foundations usually don't offer any true skincare benefits, thought most offer some form of sun protection. Ex: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


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