Urban Decay Good Karma Crease Brush Review

 Urban Decay's Good Karma Crease Brush is a "must for shading your crease and creating contours. No too stiff or soft, long or short, we've perfected this brush." Feeling confident, Urban Decay? I got the Good Karma Crease Brush as part of the double ended brush included with the Naked2 Palette. I wouldn't normally review a brush included with a palette, because let's be honest, they usually suck, but this brush is actually the exact same as the regular, individually sold brush. Kudos to Urban Decay for including a good quality brush! The Good Karma Crease Brush has taklon bristles and is vegan friendly. This brush regularly retails for $26. Urban Decay calls themselves a cruelty free brand, but they were recently acquired by L'Oreal, a company that does practice animal testing. This brush was made in China.

 Obviously, since my brush came with a palette and is double ended, its designed a little differently than the usual Good Karma Crease Brush. Mine has a reflective greige handle (it's usually grey) with the Urban Decay and Naked2 logos on it. This brush has no obvious ferrule, which I always find strange. The brush is very lightweight in the hand, but it also feels sturdy. I really had my doubts about this crease brush. It seemed too large for my small crease, I was convinced it wouldn't work for me. I was wrong. Yes, the brush head is large, but it comes to a precise tip. Urban Decay says that their crease brush "has a rounded and tapered shape, perfect for getting right in the crease while softening and feathering color out. The tapered bristles put you in complete control with every application." There has never been a truer product description. The bristles, which are taupe with white tips, have the perfect density and softness. The shape isn't exactly uniform, a few bristles splay out on the sides, but not enough to disrupt the general shape of the brush head. Urban Decay's Good Karma Crease Brush is well constructed. I've never lost a bristle from this brush. It stands up to washing well and keeps it's shape, best of all it dries super fast!
 Despite my initial concern that the Good Karma Crease Brush would be too large for my crease, its now one of my go-to brushes. The tip of this brush fits perfectly right along my socket line. This brush is excellent for placing and blending color into the crease. However, if I' m going for a heavier application, this brush isn't ideal. For some reason, no matter how dark or pigmented the shadow I try to use in the crease, this brush sheers it out quite a bit. I don't know if it doesn't pick up as much product, or it just blends products more thoroughly and I over blend with it. I'm not really complaining though, I feel like the sheerer application gives me more control of the look, overall. Aside from being excellent for applying color in the crease, Urban Decay's Good Karma Crease Brush is also great for dusting shadow over the lids and brow bone, and general blending as well.
I'm pleasantly surprised by Urban Decay's Good Karma Crease Brush. i thought the brush would be useless for me, but instead it's become a favorite. The size, shape, and density are perfect for my crease. Urban Decay isn't a brand I, or a lot of others, think of when I think of high quality, high end brushes, but maybe it should be. This is a great quality, functional, and kinda stylish brush. I wouldn't repurchase a second brush, personally, but I think it's well worth the money if you like to invest in your brushes.


  1. Do you love this brush as much as you love the palette?

  2. It looks great for feathering out colors but I'm more of a person to pack on color! I'll save
    my money and keep using one of my older, fluffier brushes for blending :D