Renaissance Henna Pakeezah Bhringraj Hair Oil Review

 Renaissance Henna is a UK based brand centered around natural henna hair color and hair care. The company reached out to be and asked me to choose a few products to try out and review. After falling in love with Couture Colour's Pequi Oil, I had to try their hair oil trio. One of the three oils is Pakeezah Bhringraj oil, which has only enhanced my obsession with hair oil. Renaissance Henna says that Pakeezah Bhringraj has been "traditionally used in India to encourage hair growth and to condition all hair types. An effective oil for colour treated and damaged hair". A bottle of this oil retails for £6.49, but is currently on sale for £5.99, or about $9.50 USD, or you can buy the trio for £15 ($23). Renaissance does not test on animals. Their products are not tested on animals and can only be bought through the brand's website.
 Pakeezah Bhringraj is a light, thin, orange oil. Renaissance suggests using a few drops of this oil on the ends of your hair to protect or condition, for scalp massage, or mixed into shampoo to cleanse and condition. I use Pakeezah Bhringraj oil as more of a hair mask. I use roughly a sixth of a palm full and rub it thoroughly through my hair, making it nice and greasy, focusing on any knots or matting I have, then brush it through and twist it up with a clip. I go about my day for ten minutes or so, then rinse it out and wash my hair as usual. This oil detangles my problematic hair completely and leaves it incredibly silky, smooth, and shiny without making my hair greasy. I feel like Pakeezah Bhringraj oil is either enhancing my henna colored hair, making it a little redder, or preserving my color. I dyed my hair with Lush's Caca Rouge Henna at the beginning of January and it still looks brand new. Another thing I really appreciate i the light scent, which Renaissance describes as "lavender". The other two oils I was sent have very intense, unpleasant oils that put me off using them, but Pakeezah Bhringraj actually smells ok, I don't mind having it in my hair.
I really love Renaissance Henna's Pakeezah Bhringraj oil! It's my favorite of the three they sent me. This hair oil works wonders on my henna dyed hair; conditioning and detangling it while enhancing my color. I've never had a product benefit my hair so much, and I can't thank Sabrina from Renaissance enough for it. I highly recommend this oil if you have henna colored hair, or if your hair tends to tangle or matte. I'll definitely repurchase this oil, it's become an important part of my hair care routine. 

organic sesame oil, organic sunflower oil, bhringraj extract ( eclipta alba, aka false daisy), brahmi extract (bacopa monnieri), jatamansi oil (himalayan spikenard), organic almond oil, lavender oil

this product was sent to me for review. 


  1. At least it's the non stinky one ;-;

  2. Sounds nice! I just jumped on the band wagon with hair oils and im in love! I've been using organix brand argon oil (Bc my walmart didn't have the garnier I heard about) and my hair is soooooooo much softer and def isn't whacked out frizzy :) I don't think argon claims to to anything for dyed hair so I think you found a winner :) oh and for the record my spell check tried to turn soooooo into soliloquy. Meh lol