Loova The Beach Body Mist Review

 Loova's Body Mist will "get your skin silky and soft with this alcohol free, quick drying body mist. A refreshing blend that moisturizes and leaves your skin softly scented." Loova is a local, Pittsburgh based brand that sells very affordable, handmade bath and body products. If yinz recall, I  absolutely fell in love with their The Beach soap last summer, so during my last trip to their Station Square shop I grabbed a bottle of their matching body spray for $4. Loova lists the price as $5.95, so I'm not sure if this was a mini bottle, or maybe just on sale. Unsure. Anyways, Loova offers sixteen scents, so there's a scent for everyone. Loova products can be bought through their website, at their two stores in Station Square in South Side and Castle Shannon, as well as at a variety of small shops throughout the country (a listing can be found on the website). Loova products are cruelty free and made in Pittsburgh, PA.
Packaging isn't much to speak of. A recyclable blue bottle with a black spritzer. The front label features the product name and a brief description. The back label offers directions and an ingredient list. I really wish Loova would list their ingredients on their website. Anyway, packaging is basic, but what matters is on the inside, right?
 Before I describe the scent and wear, let me encourage brands, be it Bath&BodyWorks or Loova, to stop calling their body sprays moisturizing. Yes, I'm sure they have moisturizing properties, but you gotta use a whole lot of body spray to benefit from them. No digs at you Loova, I just think it's kinda silly. This is actually my first, no second alcohol free fragrance, the first one being Demeter's Clean Skin Roll On, which had absolutely no lasting power, so I really wasn't sure what to expect from Loova's Body Mist. I gotta say, it's kinda different. The formula is almost bubbly, if that makes sense. Not in a soapy way, just in a..bubbly way. I don't even, I'm so sorry. It's just strange. This is the type of body spray the needs to be used directly on the skin or hair, not on your clothing. Why? Well I find that this body mist needs to be rubbed in, or else it'll just run all over your skin. You can really tell that the fragrance in this body spray isn't cut by alcohol, it doesn't have that harsh, alcohol undertone to it, but man is this body spray potent! I only need two spritzes tops of Loova's Body Mist for good scent coverage, any more and I'd definitely be coughing. Lasting power is surprisingly good, probably about four hours on skin and a day or two on clothes!
 The Beach is such an addictive scent. Do you live in Pittsburgh? I know a couple of my readers do. This stuff is Sandcastle in a bottle! It smells like a blend of pool water, sunscreen, summery skin, with a bit of what I think is lavender. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this scent in spray form. I feel like The Beach is a great, really refreshing soap scent to use in the summer; it makes your bathtub feel like a swimming pool. in body spray form, I feel like The Beach is a bit more a novelty scent.. At this time of year I probably wouldn't wear it out of the house, maybe in summer though. I'd definitely wear this scent to Kennywood or Sandcastle, or actually to the beach (not that I go often). The novel nature of this scent isn't necessarily a bad thing though, I love the scent it makes me super happy, it just isn't my kinda thing for daily wear.
[sudsy body spray?]
Loova's The Beach Body Mist has a great formula; long lasting with a strong but not overpowering scent. The scent really makes me happy, it reminds me of summer days roaming Kennywood or Manly Beach. That being said, I don't recommend this scent for daily wear outside of summer. I much prefer the scent in soap form. I'd still repurchase Loova's Body Mist. I can definitely see myself going through the bottle. Please check out Loova, their products are fantastic and affordable, and who doesn't like supporting little indie brands?

Water, Dioctyl Sodium Sulfonate, Doammonium Lauramide, MEA Sulfosucciate, Octoxynol 9, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, DMD Hydantoin, Fragrance

May Contain:
Sweet Orange Oil, Patchouli Oil, Lavender Oil, Grapefruit Oil