Avon Naturals Pomegranate&Mango Refreshing Body Spray Review

 Avon Naturals Pomegranate&Mango Body Spray is a "sparkling blend of lush pomegranate and juicy mango to delight the senses and refresh the body and soul." I've recently been getting back in to Avon's Naturals line of bath stuff after being side tracked by Bath&BodyWorks for a year and a half. I received a full size 8.4fl oz (250 ml) bottle as apart of a Christmas gift from my Mum. The full size bottle retails for $9, but Avon almost always offers a sale or gift set of their Naturals products. This body spray was made in America. Avon does not test on animals, except in China where its mandated by law. Avon products can be ordered online or through your local representative.
 Packaging for all Avon's Naturals products is attractive but simplistic. The body sprays come in a tall, cylindrical, plastic bottle. The front portion of the label features an image of delicious looking pomegranates (my favorite fruit!) and the name of the product on the front. The back label includes a description, directions, and a full ingredients list. I find these bottles a little hard to store, just because of the size. The bottles are recyclable, by the way.
 Honestly, Avon's Naturals Body Spray isn't anything super impressive, but it is one of my favorites. I only need a few spritzes for good scent coverage. Avon Naturals sprays are alcohol and water based, so they're safe to be sprayed all over, even on clothes. The scent lasts about 2-3 hours on skin and 5-6 hours on clothes. This body spray contains extracts of both mango and pomegranate, two extremely beneficial fruits, though I doubt their inclusion in this spray will really do anything for you. Body spray is used in such small amounts over a concentrated area that I doubt healthy ingredients would have any real effect, but Avon doesn't claim they do, and their inclusion can't be a bad thing.
 Pomegranate&Mango is a nice scent.It's my preferred scent for Avon's hand soaps, which is why I'm not entirely sure if I love it in in body spray form. It smells good, not much mango, but more of a pomegranate and citrus blend. The alcoholic base is quite evident when first applied, but fades quickly. I associate the scent of Pomegranate&Mango so strongly with the matching hand soap that I think I've forced myself to pick up a soapy note that isn't actually there. The scent is fresh, light, and fruity, but the fact that it smells like the hand soap I've used for years puts me off a little.
I feel a little weird about Avon's Naturals Pomegranate&Mango body spray. The scent is pleasant and lasts a fairly long time. I just associate it with hand soap and I can't shake that. If you're a fan of fresh citrus and pomegranate blends, you'll love what Avon Naturals has to offer. I wouldn't repurchase this scent, but I do recommend if you think you'd like the scent. 
SD Alcohol 40, Water, Fragrance, Mango Fruit Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Benzophenone 3, Triclosan, Red 4, Red 33, Blue 1