Small But Exciting Maybelline Haul

 I just came back from grocery shopping at Walmart and I found some exciting Maybelline goodies! I didn't want to grab lots of stuff, but I couldn't resist these products. I've been looking for two of them for a couple weeks. 
 Clean Express Classic Eye Makeup Remover - $4.97
I'm always on the look out for that one makeup remover that REALLY works for me. Maybelline just put out a collection of four new makeup removers, so I grabbed the one that sounded most promising. This eye makeup remover supposedly has a gel based formula and is oil free.
 Limited Edition Baby Lips Lip Balm - Coral Crush - $2.97 
I'm a huge baby lips fan, and an even bigger fan of coral lips, so when I heard there was a limited edition coral shade, I started hunting immediately. My Walmart is pretty good at stocking limited edition and new releases, so it was the first place I looked, but my search was fruitless. That changed today when they had a huge endcap display of all of them limited edition shades. I think I might go back and grab the melon shade as well. 
Color Whisper Lipstick - Berry Ready - $5.94
These lipsticks are supposed to be Maybelline's answer to Revlon's Color Burst Lip Butters, which I like but  don't love. Most of the Color Whispers at my Walmart were compromised, so I didn't have a full range of colors to really choose from even though they were all present. I chose Berry Ready, thinking it'd be sheerer than it is, but I still like the color. It's pigmented and so smooth and comfortable, I'm liking it already. 

Also, let's all welcome back NHL Hockey! Let's go Pens. 


  1. I like, i like a lot can't wait to see swatches :)

  2. You should of go the waterproof eye makeup remover! It's the same formula as my fave express care eye makeup remover that you can only get in the Oceania/Asia

    1. Maybe next time, I'm always trying new makeup removers! Thanks for the tip, Tips!