Mary Kay Satin Hands Fragrance Free Hand Cream Review

 Have you ever been out trick or treating and had a little tube of hand cream dropped in your pillowcase? That's how I got this sample. I've never used anything from Mary Kay before, like so many others in my age group, I associate it with being an old lady brand. I scanned the brand's website, and it seems like they've updated their image though. On to the product! Mary Kay's Satin Hands Fragrance Free Hand Cream has a "luxurious formula that absorbs quickly and provides 24 hour moisture, even through several hand washings". This hand cream was "clinically tested by dermatologists for skin irritancy and allergy". Like I mentioned, I got this .75fl oz sample as a Halloween treat. The full size 3fl oz bottle retails for $10. Mary Kay products can be bought through the brand's website, or through a local representative, which you can also find through the site. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, I'll include a link to the rep who gave me this sample. This hand cream was made in America. Mary Kay does not test on animals, but there is currently some controversy about their testing policy.
 The  mini tube of Satin Hands seems to be exactly the same as the full size, which is always nice. This hand cream comes in a white squeeze tube with a clear twist on cap. The Mary Kay logo and product name can be found on the front of the tube. Turn the tube over and you'll see a set of directions in English and French. It's very easy to squeeze out too much product. The first time I tried this hand cream, I squeezed out at least a third of the tube. I now know that you have to be super gentle with this tube. For that reason, I probably wouldn't recommend sticking this product in your purse.
 I'm not gonna lie, I am pretty picky with hand creams. I work in the food industry, so between wearing gloves all day and washing my hands and using hand sanitizer multiple times a day, I need a lot of from my hand creams. After using Garnier's 7 Day Nourishing Hand Cream, I don't know if I'll ever be fully satisfied by another hand cream. I'm very neutral about Mary Kay's Satin Hands, it works, but not amazingly well. It lives up to it's claims of being non-greasy and it moisturizes decently, but it just doesn't "wow" me. The consistency is thinner than I prefer and it sinks in super quickly, almost too quickly if that's possible. I feel like the moisture this hand cream imparts doesn't last anywhere near the 24 hours that Mary Kay claims. The hydration that Satin Hands does deliver is fleeting, and I need to reapply pretty frequently; between 3 and 5 times a day. As for being fragrance free..I guess so? I hate fragrance free stuff, it always has some sort of gross, weird scent. In Satin Hand's case, it smells a little mushroom-y, luckily it doesn't last.
My first experience with Mary Kay products wasn't too impressive, but I'm not entirely turned off of the brand. This hand cream will be great for you if you have sensitive hands that don't need a ton of moisture. If you work in food service or nursing, this product definitely won't cut it for you. I would recommend choosing the scented version of this product (they offer a peach scented version). The unscented one is kinda icky. If you're picky about what goes into your products don't bother with this one. Mary Kay doesn't offer a full ingredient list, one "key ingredients", which are glycerin, vitamin e, and petrolatum. I don't know about you, but I don't want to pay $10 for a hand cream with such basic "key ingredients". Mary Kay's Satin Hands Fragrance Free Hand Cream is a definite skin for my opinion. 

My local representative+Very nice neighbor. She doesn't know about my blog or anything, so she's not paying me in products to include her link or anything. If you live in Pittsburgh and want to try Mary Kay, consider ordering from her. 

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