Lush&Loova Haul

 I took a trip downtown with Deano today, for lunch and just to walk around, I also planned to hit up Lush while I was there with full intent of spending a bit of cash. We went to lunch and then I went to Starbucks, I don't usually go to Starbucks, especially when there's a Dunkin Donuts right across Market Square, but I was feeling curious about the Peppermint Mocha that everyone was raving about. I understand why, that stuff was so good, I went through a medium in a couple minute. I want moar.
 We walked up near Consol Energy Center. I took a picture of the Mario Lemiuex statue, it's gorgeous up close! Is anyone else super excited that the lockout is finally over? Anyway, on to Lush. 
 I got another sample of my beloved Ocean Salt. This stuff is wonderful for my skin, but it would wreck my wallet to actually purchase it. I didn't get everything I wanted to at Lush though. I planned on buying about $20 worth of stuff and had a few things picked out. The Lush in Macy's in downtown Pittsburgh is usually buzzing with helpful employees and stocked to the brims, but today there were just two sales girls, both of them were more interested in singing along to the radio and putzying with their hair than helping me with my purchase, and the product selection was more limited than usual, in fact a lot of the bath bomb's bins were empty! 
 They were fully stocked on their epic Fresh Face Masks though, so I picked up BB Seaweed, which is great for all skin types. This mask cost $7. It smells horrible, but I sampled a bit on my nose a few minutes ago and it seems like it will really be effective! 
While I was at Macy's I decided to make my first ever Clinique purchase. I bought their Bottom Lash Mascara in Black/Brown for $10. Unlike the sales associates at Lush, the saleswoman at Clinique was very attentive and helpful. She was an older woman and kinda reminded me of EmilyNoel83's mum. #randomobservation. 
 We were getting picked up at Station Square, so I checked into Loova, a local bath and body shop. I fell in love with their The Beach soap last spring, so I grabbed their body mist in the same scent for $4. 
Their Mini Bath Blasters were on sale 3/$6, so I got three, one in Citrus Bliss, the other two in Sweet Pea. 


  1. Awesome picks!! I really want to go to lush and do some shopping:)

  2. So disappointed in your LUSH experience. I'm surprised because I've always had the same experience...lots of sales associates and they were usually fully stocked or stocking the bath bombs. I've always been wanting to try Loova though. You'll def have to review that stuff!

    1. Yeah, I either have great customer service there, or awful, never anywhere in between. I think it's better to go on the weekend. :( Try Loova next time you can! They have a surprisingly big selection of products and scents, and they're really cheap!