Loova Sweet Pea Mini Bath Blaster Review+Demo Video

Loova is a local Pittsburgh based brand that "specializes in hand made bath and body products bursting with essential oils to soothe, revitalize, and relax your body, mind, and soul." I've tried a couple of their products before, but never any of their mini bath blasters, which if you couldn't infer, are small bath bombs. To me, bath bombs are a silly thing to spend money on often, especially if they don't have any major skin benefits. However, when I saw how cheap Loova's Bath Blasters were, I had to try a few. The display was fairly picked over, so they must be a popular product. I chose two in the scent Sweet Pea, and one in Citrus Bliss, I was so sad they were sold out of my favorite scent, The Beach. I used both of the Sweet Pea Bath Blasters, so it's about time for a review. Loova says that their Bath Blasters are "packed full of cocoa butter and yummy oils to moisturize and sooth." Each Mini Bath Blaster sells for $2.50, but Loova also offers three packs for $6 an six packs for $12. Loova offers eight scents to choose from. Loova products can be bought in their two Pittsburgh locations (Station Square and Castle Shannon), through their website, and at various small boutiques throughout the country (a full listing can be found on the brand's site). Loova products are cruelty free and hand made in their factory store in Castle Shannon, PA. 
Mini Bath Blasters are on the smaller side, about 6" in diameter, or for a more visual reference, about half the size of your average Lush Bath Bomb. Sweet Pea is a light green with a white dusting. The Bath Blasters are round and pretty uniform in shape and size. There's an indentation on both the top and bottom, not entirely sure of the purpose. The texture is a little bit powdery, but not crumbly. Each Bath Blaster or Bath Blaster Trio is individually wrapped and tied with a ribbon. The six packs come in a cardboard "egg carton". 
Loova's Mini Bath Blasters start to gently fizz and melt as soon as it hits the water. Each bath bomb takes about two to two and a half minutes to completely fizz away. The fizzing action isn't very intense, it's just enough to disturb the surface water in the general vicinity of the Bath Blaster. In Sweet Pea's case, the water slowly becomes tinted a lovely seafoam green, pretty much the same as the bomb it's self. The water stays translucent, which is surprising, because this little bath goody releases the perfect amount of moisturizing properties. The oil, or whatever it is in this bath bomb seems to cling to the skin and sink in while you're still bathing, and is very effective, I definitely didn't feel the need to use a lotion after my bath. The best part is that the oil doesn't make the tube slick or greasy in the slightest! I think that Loova somehow broke physics. The color of the water doesn't fade, nor does it stain or leave a ring around the tub. 
The scent of Sweet Pea is very soft. It's a natural, green floral fragrance that's quite pleasant. The scent is apparent and fills the bathroom, but it's also soft enough to use in conjunction with other scents without one overpowering the other. Sweet Pea is really neutral, so it would pair well with lots of scents. I like to use it with Bath&BodyWorks' Sweet Pea, which couldn't be a more different scent! 
[Horrible Quality Demo Video with Cheesy Music!]
I like Loova's Sweet Pea Mini Bath Blaster! I still think bath bombs are frivolous, but if you're looking to treat yourself, or someone else, Loova's are a pretty good option! These bath bombs are pretty basic, they don't spout glitter or pop rocks, or flower petals like a Lush bath bomb, but these indie alternatives smell nice, fizz well, change the color of the water, and moisturize beautifully. I think I'll try another scent or two when I have some spare bucks. If you're into indie bath brands or are ever in the Pittsburgh area, please check out Loova's products! They're handmade, high quality, and so reasonably priced! Plus, who doesn't like to support small business?


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