Updated Mascara Collection

 I think its about time that I update my mascara collection. My mascara collection was previously out of control..and lets be honest it still is.I'm a complete and utter mascara addict and I have no shame. Honestly, my collection wouldn't be this big, but I keep getting sample mascaras, as you can see. I still need to review two of them. Also, I have no idea why I'm still hanging onto Colossal Cat Eyes, I haven't touched it in at least two months, a clear sign that it needs to go. False Lash Effect and Mega Plush are on their last legs as well, so I'll be paring down shortly. 

 Benefit They're Real! 
 Urban Decay Lush Lash 
So many Dean can't even hold them all! 


  1. I probably could have held them all if I tried real hard.

  2. lol Dean you're a trooper! I have never even tried any of those, some of them do not exist in my country and other are way too expensive in my country!

    1. He's glad you appreciate his efforts! That sucks that you can't get these mascaras, most of them are really good. I'm sure there are some great ones in your country as well though!

  3. I remember last year I had 32 mascaras at one time o__o

  4. I thought my 5 was bad lol I got a sample of buxom great lash mascara (I think that's the name) and I'm in love! It doesn't have a wand...its a club lol