Real Techniques Shading Brush Review

 Real Techniques is a line of makeup brushes designed by Samantha Chapman; a professional makeup artist and one half of the Pixiwoo sisters, who are popular beauty gurus on YouTube. I'm a big fan of both Sam and her sister Nic, I've been subscribed to them for probably about two years. I've been wanting to buy a few of the Real Techniques brushes, the Stippling one in particular, ever since they launched but I put it off for one reason or another. I finally grabbed my coveted Stippling brush, along with this Shading brush when they were on sale at Ulta, and I already can't wait to get more. If  you weren't already aware, Real Techniques is a sub brand of EcoTools, another one of my favorite brush lines. All Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brushes feature "ultra plush taklon bristles" and "extended aluminum handles" to "boost your look". Real Techniques brushes are cruelty free and are made in China. These brushes are available on the brand's website, in Ulta and Fred Meyer in America, Priceline in Australia, and Boots in the UK. I bought my brush at Ulta for just $3.47, the full price is $6.
 I really like the way that Real Techniques brushes are packaged. Each individual brush comes in a plastic case with the name of the brush on the front. On the back you can find some info on the brush as well as a snippet about Sam. Real Techniques brushes are split into three categories and color code. Eye brushes like the Shading brush have eye catching metallic purple handles with a black rubber base. The aluminum handles are very light weight and easy to grasp. The Real Techniques graces one side of the handle, the name of the brush can be found on the other side.
 The Real Techniques Shading Brush has black taklon bristles with white tips. This brush's bristles are so, so soft, probably the softest eye brush that I have. The brush head is the same as most eyeshadow brushes, but a little smaller than usual, and a bit fluffier as well. This shading brush is a great tool to use if you're looking to only use a single brush in a look. This brush is very multifunctional, its like two eye brushes in one. Obviously this brush is great for patting and packing on eyeshadow, which is it's designated use, but this brush is also excellent for blending and buffing eyeshadows, this brush gives an eye look a very soft focused quality when used for blending, its a very pretty effect that can be hard to achieve with stiffer brushes. The size of Real Techniques Shading Brush makes it ideal for detail work, use in the crease or inner corner, or all over the lid for those of us with smaller eyelids.
 The quality of Sam Chapman's Real Techniques brushes is fabulous. I've washed my Shading brush three times in the few weeks that I've had it and each time I get every bit of product out with minimal effort and brush cleanser, the white portion of the bristles do not stain, it dries quickly, and I don't think I've lost a single bristle from this brush yet.
I'm loving Real Techniques Shading Brush! It has surpassed ELF's Eyeshadow Brush as my favorite paddle/shader style eyeshadow brush. While I still love ELF's Eyeshadow Brush (I own 8 now!), I think Real Techniques' version is much more versatile and has better quality bristles. I will definitely buy a few more of these Shading brushes next time Ulta has them on sale. I definitely think that this brush is worth $6, more even. I highly, highly recommend the Real Techniques Shading Brush to all of my readers. I mean let's be honest here, who couldn't use another shading brush in their collection. 


  1. I just purchased my first set of Real Techniques. So far I love them! I want to buy the rest! I too loved ELF.

    Take care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. currently im a user of ELF brushes and i would really like to try the Rea Techniques brushes. thank you for the great review!!


  3. I absolutely love Real Techniques brushes, they're the ones i find myself reaching for the most! Great review :D x