NYX Hot Pink Glitter Mania Review

NYX Glitter Mania is a loose glitter. This glitter is not intended for use in the eye area, but NYX says it'll be lovely on the hair, nails, body, and face. NYX doesn't really offer much info on these glitters, because they're glitter, what more can you say. This will probably be a short post for that reason. NYX offers ten shades of Glitter Mania, I have Hot Pink. I bought my little .09oz jar at Ulta for $2.50. NYX lists the price as $4 on their website though, so expect to pay about that. NYX is a cruelty free brand. This glitter was made in China. NYX claims that this is a hypoallergenic product.
 Glitter Mania's packaging is both a blessing and a curse. This glitter comes in a small, recyclable plastic jar with a black screw on cap. The name of the product can be found on the front of the jar. A silver label is affixed to the back of the jar. I hate this label. So much. It was used to seal the jar shut, and now that its been opened its all scrunched up and icky and I just hate it. Let's stop talking about it. The jar has a very narrow neck that can make it difficult to access the glitter, but it also prevents spills. No one wants to endure the hell that is spilled glitter.
 Hot Pink is a mixture of very fine hot pink glitter and silver glitters that give a multicolored rainbow reflection. Its  a very pretty color that I've used on my nails a couple times. Wanna know a dirty little secret? I use this glitter on my eyes. Never all over the whole eyelid, but as an accent over eyeliner. I always use Hard Candy Show Girls Secret Glitter Glue to apply this glitter and keep it in place. When used with a glitter adhesive Hot Pink barely causes any fallout. I've never experienced any eye irritation from this glitter, but that still doesn't make it eye safe, so use it at your own risk.
I like the effect that NYX Glitter Mania in Hot Pink gives. The color is pretty and it's reflective and shiny and beautiful and bright. You get a great amount of product for the price. Yeah, it seems really small, but it's glitter, so you likely only use a small amount and it'll last. The glitter doesn't cause much fallout for what it is. I probably wouldn't repurchase this one, or any of the other shades because I rarely use glitter, but I do recommend it if you're on the market for some affordable shimmer. Just keep in mine that Glitter Mania isn't technically eye safe. 

Polyethylene Terephthalate, Acrylates Copolymer, and Resin Epoxy

May Contain:
Aluminum Powder (CI 7700).


  1. Why good is this glitter if you can't wear it on your eyes! It's a shame, it would be really pretty on the eyes :(

    1. You can use the glitter on your nails, or mixed into a gloss. I've worn this glitter safely on the eyes, so really its a personal choice if you want to adhere to the safety warnings. Me? I like to live on the edge.