Moderately Sized Avon Haul

I grabbed a couple sale and intro items from Avon. I don't remember the exact price for anything, but my total came to $17 even, so lets pretend I paid about $3.50 for each product.

 Avon SuperShock Eyeliner in Metallic Teal. This eyeliner is poorly pigmented and not very creamy. Unsure if I'm going to keep this or not.
 Natural Chocolate Ice Cream Body Scrub. Not sure if this is being discontinued or not. I previously reviewed it here if you wanna see.
 The brand new Kohl eyeliner in Black Brown. This is no where near as soft as kohl should be, but the color is nice and I love the effect it gives. 
 Concealer Brush. This is a very nice concealer brush that I already am in love with. Avon makes really great, really cheap brushes.
Avon Mega Impact Eyeliner in Extreme Cobalt. This thing is crazy pigmented. I reviewed the black version of this pencil; Black Flash. I love this eyeliner formula, which wears well for me, but unfortunately Avon discontinued it =\