Guest Post: Nivea for Men Sensitive Moisturiser

Nivea For Men Sensitive Moisturiser cream is a product I’ve used from time to time when I’ve needed to lessen the dryness of my face. I don’t always have a lot of use for it in Australia bar unusually cold Winter days, but I bring it with me whenever I come to America as it helps a lot with the brashness and severity of Winter winds and general coldness that come with the country. I have no clue how much I paid for it as I’ve had it for a reasonable length of time. Sensitive Moisturiser is Alcohol and Fragrance-free and rich in natural Chamomile, Vitamin E and UVA/UVB filters.
As you can tell from the previous paragraph, I’m not exactly a frequent user of this cream, however the times I have I have noticed that what it claims is true. Nivea For Men claims this cream will:
1    1)      Improve my skin defense;
2    2)      Soothe and help to prevent skin irritation;
3    3)      Moisturise intensively.
I have used this cream specifically for all 3 of these symptoms at different times and for me personally I find that it holds up to its claims. When I use it frequently (for example here in the USA), I find my skin to typically be more resilient to the cold and I am less dry. I also have used it to counter irritated or sore skin and find it will bring stinging or other pains to something I can barely feel anymore. It also works just fine as a sunscreen in case you’re heading out to the beach for a day in the sun.

How do I apply this cream? I put a small portion of the cream on finger probably no bigger than a centimetre in diameter, and rub it evenly into my face all over, including behind the ears, the jawline and neck. Easy enough. It has a pleasant enough smell and doesn’t leave a residual feeling on the face for more than a minute or two. I apply it just before bed and sleep the whole thing off anyway.

I would recommend this cream to anyone who needs a moisturiser for any time, be it several times a day or something you pull out only once a year. It’s simple, it does its job, it doesn’t promise anything a normal moisturiser shouldn’t deliver, it’s everything one needs from a moisturiser. Go get it. Now.



    It was really nice reading this and I kinda wanna try it for myself now, aha

  2. Love that Dean did a guest post. I might pick this up as a stocking stuffer for my man!