Avon Concealer Brush Review

 Avon's Concealer Brush has "firm nylon bristles for flawless coverage" with "flat sides for overall even blending and tapered point for precise spot application." This brush was listed as new in the Avon catalog I ordered from, but I'm almost positive that was a mistake. I think this brush has been around for a while. I don't know, maybe they redesigned it. This brush ran me just $2.99, full price. I love how affordable Avon's brushes are, they're great quality and I don't think any of them cost more than six bucks. I decided to snag this brush because I've only recently gotten into using concealer brushes. I have a couple from Claire's, but I thought I'd try one that was a little better quality. I can't find any information on where this brush was made. Not that it really pertains to this synthetic bristle brush, but Avon does not test on animals except in their East Asian markets.
 Avon's Concealer Brush came in a frosted pouch that I just tossed, I never keep those little brush thingies. This brush has a black plastic handle that's 5 1/2 inches long. The handle features the name of the brush in English and French, as well as the Avon logo, all of which are already starting to rub off. The handle is an interesting shape, its from Avon's "ergonomic" brush line, so it has a strange flat, tapered shape, but as the name would imply, its very comfortable to hold. The ferrule seems firmly attached to the handle and also has a firm grip on the bristles. As previously mentioned, Avon's Concealer Brush has nylon bristles. The bristles are a beigey yellow in color and are flat, densely packed, and stiff. Though the synthetic bristles are stiff, they're also flexible and silky to the tough. The shape of the brush head is pretty standard for a flat concealer brush; a squared body that tapers into a gentle point. So is Avon's Concealer Brush as high quality as I've made it out to be? Heck yeah it is, this is a great concealer brush! It pats and blends liquid concealers in so well, resulting in a natural and perfected finish. Like most face brushes, Avon's Concealer Brush absorbs a fair amount of product, so it needs to be washed frequently. I try to wash this brush every three days or so. Luckily this brush stands up well to frequent washing. Product rinses out with little effort and the brush head dries quickly. I've yet to lose a single bristle from this brush, nor have I experienced any splaying or loss of shape.
Avon's Concealer Brush is probably the best quality concealer brush you can find for less than $5. The quality is really great. The handle is long, light, and comfortable to hold. The bristles are soft but stiff and blend product very well. The finish isn't quite as natural as what you get when you use your fingers, but its very close. My expectations for this brush was exceeded, and I am so pleased! I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone looking for a new concealer tool. If by any chance I'd need to repurchase this brush, I would, but I can't foresee that happening any time soon, every Avon brush I've had has lasted me for years and years. 


  1. That is definitely one ballin' brush.

  2. Ooo I don't think I have any concealer brushes (or maybe any brushes for that matter) that are tapered like this! This is definitely one to put on my wishlist :D

  3. Great review! This is so useful! Will definitely try this one :) Thanks for sharing! Following your blog now. Hopin gyou'll follow mine too :)