Wet n Wild Shimmer the Night Away Palette Swatches+First Impression

 Shimmer the Night Away is the palette I was least excited for of the three new Wet n Wild Limited Edition palettes. The colors looked similar to those in the Petal Pusher palette which never interested me. I was so wrong. I actually am most impressed by this palette. I only had a little bit of an issue with one shade, the blue, and even then it's still pretty good, just a little sheer. I like the variety of finishes in this palette The fuchsia eyelid shade has a bit of a duochrome to it, it flashes blue in some angles and changes to a lovely purple when put over a black base. Here are the swatches, you can click to enlarge.
Swatches done over ELF Eyeshadow Primer, applied with an ELF Eyeshadow Brush

Which shade is your favorite? Least? 
I really love the silver, it's so pigmented and has an amazing metallic, reflective finish. I'm not really a fan of the pink browbone shade, I just can't imagine using it on the brow bone, but really that's my only complaint. 


  1. I really want this palette but I can't justify buying it with all the eyeshadows I already own! hehe. The silver shadow looks beautiful!

  2. I LOVE that matte purple shade, and the silver is pretty. I still think I'll pass on this palette.

  3. Nice palette! I love all of the colors.

  4. I love the silver shade and the pink eyelid color. I haven't' been able to find these in any store near by yet. I must keep searching!

    Boston Princess

    1. They're really elusive. I found mine in a little tiny display on top of some shelves in the shampoo aisle.