Wet n Wild Kabuki Powder Brush Review

 Wet  n Wild's Kabuki Powder Brush, a.k.a my greatest lapse in judgement, is a "must have accessory, excellent for all over application. Luxuriously soft brush products light to full coverage". This "soft, over sized brush sweeps on an even application every time for the perfect finish." Caught up in my search for a new kabuki brush after deciding Bare Escentual's Full Coverage Kabuki wasn't quite up to par with my expectations, I stupidly decided to pick up this brush at Rite Aid during a sale. I paid around $3 for this brush, I believe it normally sells for $5. Wet n Wild is a cruelty free brand. This brush was made in China.
 [is this even a shape?]
Wet n Wild's Kabuki came in a silver cardboard box that wasn't much to look at and was quickly tossed out. The brush it's self has a silver, round plastic handle with the brand logo printed on the bottom. The brush handle is a little longer than on most kabuki brushes, but it still relatively short. So, how about those "luxuriously soft" bristles? They're black, synthetic, and not even remotely soft. They're downright scratchy, making this brush pretty uncomfortable to use. Though the bristles are plentiful and quite compact at the base, they aren't dense enough for this type of brush and they splay out in every direction. The brush head cannot keep a consistent shape when pressed against the skin for application, it contorts and spreads out, making effective and even application almost impossible. Those lovely splayed, scratchy bristles shed too, both during use and washing. At least it dries really fast? Not that that makes up for anything. 
 I've only used this brush a handful of times. Each time I'm immediately put off by the awful scratchiness and want to put it right back down. Application isn't great, but truth be told, it isn't horrendous. Don't expect the flawless, airbrushed finish a better quality kabuki brush would deliver, but this brush can get the job done in a pinch. It just won't be a comfortable process.
I really can't stand Wet n Wild's Kabuki Powder Brush. This is one of the worst beauty purchases I have ever made, and frankly, I don't know why I did it. I knew it was going to suck just by looking at it, most people who are familiar with brushes usually can judge the quality by taking a quick look at it, but I had a blind faith in Wet n Wild. They've improved a majority of their line, but everything is packaged cheap, you wouldn't know it was fantastic at first glance. I thought maybe their brush would be better than it looked too, but alas it was not. I do not recommend this brush to anyone. I definitely feel like I wasted my money, but I'm willing to sacrifice my own $3 to save a few bucks for everyone that reads my blog. I'm going to toss it after I finish this review. I'm going to replace it with an ELF kabuki, which may also not be top notch, but its safe to assume it will better than this one.


  1. I love Kabuki brushes, I have one from Qosmedix and it is extremely soft and gives me great coverage.

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