Wet n Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine Palette Swatches+First Impressions

 Drinking a Glass of Shine is one of the three newly released, limited edition palettes by Wet n Wild. Does it look familiar? Probably because it was released this time last year as the "I ♥ Matte" palette. The I ♥ Matte Palette was really hard to find, everyone was lusting over it, almost no one could find it. I was so disappointed then :(. I was super excited to see it rereleased. That being said...it kinda disappoints me. The texture of all of the shadows is kinda powdery and kicks up a lot of residual powder bits. The shadows are also not as intensely pigmented as I would expect from Wet n Wild. In my swatches, each swatch needed at least 2 layers, some needed 3. Here are the swatches, you can click to enlarge. I swatched them out of order because I was kinda distracted, but I think you can figure out which shade was which.
Each swatch was applied over ELF Eyelid Primer with an ELF Eyeshadow Brush.

Which shade is your favorite? Your least?
I love the blue and the dark brown. Not loving the purple to be honest. 
I hope these perform better on the eye. 


  1. I thought the purple would be a lot prettier :(

    1. Me too, I think it's the least pigmented shade in the whole palette. It took three layers over primer to get that swatch.

  2. I hate that I can't get Wet n Wild where I live, shame the purple isn't great x


  3. A lot of people said the purple was also less pigmented when it was released last year. I purchased one about two weeks ago, but I still haven't opened it yet.

  4. I'm super bummed this didn't turn out to be as great as everyone said it was. Regardless, the white looks nice :)