Sleek Original iDivine Palette Review

 Sleek is an English drugstore beauty brand known for their affordable and intensely pigmented iDivine palettes. Sleek offers 13 iDivine palettes. I only have the Original palette. Each 12 pan palette is "high quality, super pigmented, and suited to every skin tone". Apparently these eyeshadows are mineral based. Sleek does not test on animals. This palette was made in China. Each iDivine palette contains about 13g of product (each shadow is 1.1g or .03oz). The value of this palette is fantastic, selling for $10USD. Currently Sleek products aren't sold in store in America, hopefully that'll change soon. Til then, you can order from the Sleek website, which ships internationally for a reasonable rate. I got my Sleek Original iDivine palette as a gift from my bestie Rae.
I kinda deel like the Sleek palette looks iconic. I don't know why..its just something  that I see so frequently online and never though I'd have one of my own. That might have something to do with it. My palette came in a black cardboard box with the name of the product on the front. A full ingredient list and some company info can be found on the back. Sleek is a pretty good description for this palette. A thin but sturdy, matte black plastic palette with the Sleek Makeup logo printed on it in shiny lettering. The palette flips open to reveal a large, good quality mirror and twelve eyeshadows. A large doubled ended sponge tip applicator and a piece of plastic to protect the mirror were also included. I don't care what you do with tge sponge tip, but I implore you to keep the plastic sheet, unless you want a very messy mirror.  
[i thought taking a picture of the mirror was a good idea. it wasnt. hi me]
The texture of Sleek's eyeshadows is quite soft. They're very loosely pressed as well. Each shadow has a criss cross design pressed into them but it wears away quickly after just a handful of uses. As a whole these eyeshadows have an amazingly soft, buttery texture and incredible pigmentation. They are, dare I say it, softer and more pigmented than Wet n Wild eyeshadows! However because they are so loosely pressed and so highly pigmented they cause a record breaking amount of fallout. I've never experienced this much fall out before. Strangely enough, they kick up very much excess powder in the pan. You absolutely must apply Sleek's eyeshadows before any face makeup. Apart from the major fallout, these eyeshadows apply and blend perfectly! I'm partially willing to to overlook the mess they make because of how easy these shadows are to work with, otherwise. Now that I rambled about the texture, let me break down each shade for you individually. 
 First up is a very frosty yellow buttercream shade. The closest thing to a highlight shade in the palette. It can be sheered out, but it still a very intense brow highlighter. This shade is very beautiful and reflective.

The second shade is a soft rosy pink that flashes gold from some angles, though I wouldn't call it a duochrome. This shade pairs beautifully with the previous shade.

Next up is a truer pink that is a little warmer than the one before it. This shade also doesn't have a gold reflect. This pink shade is borderline metallic and is one of the most richly pigmented in the palette.

Following up the pink shade is a very orange toned bronze shadow. Probably the warmest and most unique color in Sleek's Original palette. I find that it compliments my brown eyes very well

The fifth shade in this palette is the most troublesome. Its an extremely rich, true gold. I'm a sucker for shades like this one. The pigment in this beautifully metallic eyeshadow is very chunky. Its also the loosest shadow in the bunch, so it causes the most fallout by far.

The sixth eyeshadow is an olive green with a bit of a golden sheen. I love pairing this color with the previously mentioned gold. This shade causes less fallout than most of it's peers.

Jumping up to the next row we have a lovely grassy green color with hints of blue in it. This shade isn't particularly unique but I kinda loe it. I want to use it more often. Something about it seems mermaid-y to me.

Coming up after the green is a mostly blue turquoise. This is one of the less pigmented shadows of the twelve. Its more on the level of a NYX or WnW shadow. Great, but not as rich as it's palette-mates.

The ninth eyeshadow is a very bright, intense, super metallic, true blue. This is the absolute brightest color in the original palette. Between the color and the finish, it's almost breathtaking.

The next color is my least favorite and also the least pigmented. It's a deep navy blue with a matte base and a very slight brighter blue pearlescence. Compared to the rest, this navy is kinda boring.

The second to last shade is a mid toned, neutral purple. It has a less metallic finish, it's really more pearly. I don't know why I don't use this color more often, but I've barely touched it.

Closing off the palette is a fantastic, saturated, matte, deep, dark black. Perhaps the blackest eyeshadow I have. It has a particularly good texture for a matte black as well. One of my personal beauty philosophies is to trust a brand that can make a good matte black.

I love the color selection of the Sleek Original iDivine palette. Not too basic, not too bold. I can create a wide variety of looks with this palette. That look probably won't last all day though. I need to layer a primer and base to keep these eyeshadows from creasing and fading.
The Sleek Original palette is fantastic if you value creativity over practicality. I least when it comes to eyeshadow. These are not low maintenance eyeshadows that you can swipe on a bare lid with no real technique, but they are high quality and high pigment. While I'm annoyed by the fallout and fading, I can look past that and appreciate their blendability, vibrancy, and intensity. Oh, and also the packaging which is simple but unmistakable. I want more iDivine palettes! I recommend this palette if it is available to you, despite it's imperfections.

Mica, Talc, Mineral Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Propylparaben, Methylparben

May Contain:
Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarine, Yellow Iron Oxides, Iron Oxides, Hydratedchromium Green, Manganese Violet, Red Iron Oxide, Blue 1, Black Iron Oxide 


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  3. I have been meaning to try out this company and you just reminded me about them. It seems like pretty good quality for the price!

    Boston Princess

    1. They really are! I can't wait to try more stuff from this brand.

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