My Best Match: Foundation Swatches

Finding a matching foundation shade can be really hard, especially on the drugstore level where there's no sales associate there to help you select your perfect shade. There's a lot of guess work involved, many times we choose our shades and hope for the best. I've tried 6 foundations and still haven't found my one true match, though I've come close. Unfortunately for those with really pale skin like myself, and those with very dark skin, finding a match can be even more difficult, most brands don't even make a shade light enough for me; I often have to buy their "lightest" shade and mix it to customize it to my skin tone. Though this is a problem that is common here in America, its far worse in Australia, where many brands only carry the medium colored foundations; for example the Maybelline FitMe range is paired down from 18 shades to about 8.  Unfortunately in America, testers are rare, so choosing a shade is even harder. Shopping for foundation sucks, no matter where you are. 

Below are swatches of 4 drugstore foundations and one BB cream, all of which are the lightest shade selection (except one). I'll include a little bit of info about each foundation. 

 BYS Age Defying Foundation in Ivory. $6AUD/40ml. The lightest shade of the 7 shade range. This liquid foundation is supposed to be hydrating and give a younger look to the skin.  
 Maybelline FitMe Foundation in 110. $8/30ml  (1fl oz) 110 is the light of the eighteen shades. This foundation line is one of the most inclusive on the drugstore level, offering very light and very dark shades. I'm pretty sure 110 is one of the lightest foundations made available by any drugstore brands. Unfortunately a lot of people break out from this foundation, I'm not one of them. I consider this to be my closest match. 
 Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream - Light - $8/30ml (1fl oz). The lightest of 5 shades. BB Creams typically cater to those with paler skin. Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light is a tad darker than FitMe in 110. This BB Cream, despite offering such a small amount of shades, is also pretty inclusive because of the sheer coverage it gives. 
 Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Ivory. $6/30ml (1fl oz). The lightest of 16 shades. I don't know how this is the lightest shade, especially when the Match Perfection concealer I rave about is significantly lighter (probably because its a highlighting concealer, but still). This shade is at least a shade too dark for me, and is quite yellow in tone. It has a drier texture than the other four face products listed in this post. This foundation is supposed to have "smart tone technology" to help it adjust to the wearers skin tone, and I feel like it does work to an extent, but it is still noticeably darker than my natural skintone when I wear it. 
Covergirl&Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation&Base - Creamy Natural. $14/30 ml(1fl oz). Creamy Natural is the third lightest shade in this 14 color range. I didn't select this for myself, it is a PR Sample. Creamy Natural is very similar in shade to Rimmel's Ivory, being very yellow toned for me and about a shade too dark. I think the lightest shade would suit me better, perhaps the second lightest, I'd have to check it out in store. 

Here are swatches of each foundation under three different lighting conditions. I would've included a fourth; natural sunlight, but its never sunny where I live. Each swatch was applied with a sponge over clean skin. As always, you can click to enlarge.
 Fluorescent - no flash
 Halogen - no flash
Halogen - with Flash.

As you can see the two Maybelline shades come closest to my skin, but the BYS foundation is also doable, especially in summer. I'm going to need to do some concocting to get the Rimmel and Covergirl foundations to work for me.

My best suggestion for finding a suitable foundation is something I haven't done yet myself but I've been meaning to do. Get yourself colormatched at MAC, then look up shade dupes online. You can get matched at almost any high end counter, but MAC's color system is the most universally understood. 


  1. Your skin is too lite for foundationz =[

  2. Hello! I found your blog on the Meet Me on the Bright Side Blog Hop. Hoping we could follow each other :)

  3. I hear ya, I'm very fair for most foundations. Ive tried a ton, and the lightest shades are still way too dark for me. I'm okay with it though, because I prefer powder foundations.

    1. Ghostly Girls Unite! I'm not a powder foundation fan, personally.

  4. Revlon is the only brand so far for me that I can find a match!

    Boston Princess