Hard Candy Take it Off Makeup Remover Wipes Review

 Hard Candy Take it Off Makeup Remover Wipes "remove long wearing and waterproof makeup in one easy step. Effectively cleanses skin while refreshing and moisturizing, no rinsing needed". Hard Candy claims that these wipes are suited to all skin types. I got a deluxe sample packet of ten wipes in Hard Candy's "Ultimate Essentials" kit. I highly recommend this $8 kit as a gift or stocking stuffer, it contains three deluxe sample skincare items and a full sized lip balm, it's a deal I just couldn't pass up. I've never had much luck with makeup remover wipes, and honestly, I don't really think of Hard Candy as the brand to turn to when I want to try a new skincare item. Either way, I never say no to trying any beauty product that I can get my hands on. A full size packet of Hard Candy's Take it Off Makeup Remover Wipes retails for $5 and contains 25 wipes. Ugh, why not be fair and make it a 30 pack? Who wants to buy two packets of makeup remover wipes a month? Not me. Anyway, Hard Candy is a former high end brand that is now sold exclusively at Walmart. This is a cruelty free brand. These facial towelettes were made in China. 
 I like these towelette's packaging, it's cute. A black, shiny pouch with a hot pink sticky tab that keeps it sealed. This sticky tab isn't great for staying closed, so be careful. My best tip is to store the packet upside down, this forces the tab shut and keeps your wipes as moist as possible. The hot pink sticker features the product name written on it in brash, bold, black lettering against a white splatter design. The bakc of the packet offers a product description written in English and French, as well as a fair amount of company info.
 Each of Hard Candy's wipes measures 7.2x5.2 in (18.5x13.3cm). I really appreciate that Hard Candy included the dimensions of these cloths on the packet. Each wipe is white and made of a soft, non texturized, stretchy material. These wipes seem pretty durable, I've never had one rip on me during use, however they do tear easily if you want to use half of a wipe (I usually do). Each Take it Off Makeup Remover Wipe is very moist and saturated with product. These are probably the wettest wipes I've ever used. This extra moisture makes them extra effective - these wipes are great! They take off at least 95% of my makeup. I barely even need to rub these over my eyes to take off all my eyeshadow, and most of my eyeliner and mascara, it's magical I tell you! Hard Candy's wipes also remove every last bit of my face makeup. These are the perfect wipes for the days that I'm too lazy to wash my face. These makeup remover wipes aren't perfect, they do leave a little bit of mascara behind, but they still remove more makeup than Yes To and Neutrogena's wipes would if used together. Do you want to know the best part of these wipes? They're so gentle! They don't sting my eyes, make my face feel tight or dry, and they don't even leave that weird filmy residue behind! I never feel the need to rinse after using these. The only thing that may be a negative for some is their scent. It's not particularly strong, it kinda smells like a banana popsicle to me.
Hard Candy's Take it Off Makeup Remover Wipes are by far the best face wipes I have ever tried! I was really surprised by this product. Between these wipes and their Eye'm Tired serum, it seems to me that Hard Candy can make some really good skin care products! I hope they launch more soon. I plan to repurchase these fantastic wipes, but not quite yet, I still have a pack and a half of other wipes to finish first. I think the price is very fair for these wipes, I just wish that they would include a few more in each packet. I recommend these makeup remover wipes for anyone on the market for new facial towelettes or makeup removers.

Water, Propylene Glycol, PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance, Benzethonium Chloride