Beauty Blender Blender Cleanser Review

 Beauty Blender's Blender Cleanser will "modernize the way you clean up!". Blender Cleanser is a "lightly lavender scented cleanser that's free of dyes and skin irritants. It's soothing soy based formula breaks down rapidly, making it earth friendly and fun to use. Soy has the added benefit of being on of nature's finest moisturizers, so by all means, clean up with class and do it often!". Beauty Blender says that this cleanser will help prolong the life of your sponge and that it can be used to clean makeup brushes as well. I got an itty bitty sample of Blender Cleanser in a swap with my friend Mariah, who got it in her Birchbox. Beauty Blender is a cruelty free company. This product was made in America. The Beauty Blender and it's accessories can be bought at Sephora and some boutiques. A full sized 8fl oz bottle retails for around $18. Beauty Blender also offers value packs containing both the blending sponge and it's cleanser. I recommend this over buying the cleanser on it's own.
 This little bottle of Blender Cleanser is kinda cute, its American Girl Doll sized. This little sample's packaging isn't anything like the full sized version, which is kinda neat. The larger bottle features a little stand to dry your blender on. Alas the sample bottle is just a little clear bottle topped off with a white screw on cap. The white label wraps around the bottle. It features the very colorful Beauty Blender logo on the front and a very, very vague ingredient list on the back. The ingredient list doesn't even mention that this product contains soy, a very common allergen.
Beauty Blender's Blender Cleanser is a thick, clear liquid. Despite it's viscosity, it pours out of the bottle really quickly. Beauty Blender recommends using a dime sized amount of their cleanser to clean your Beauty Blender sponge, but I use a little more than that on my Avon Precision Grip Teardrop Blender. This cleanser suds nicely and is easy to work into my blending sponge. It rinses out with just a few squeezes. It doesn't get everything out, but it does a decent job. Its gentle on my sponge, probably better for it than the hand soap I was using on it previously. As a brush cleanser, this product is pretty good but no better than my own brush cleaning concoctions, except in one category. This stuff is great for cleaning brushes used with products like gel eyeliner, its really good at dissolving any dried on product. I will dispute Beauty Blender's claim that this product has a "lavender" scent. No, this stuff isn't even remotely floral, it smells more like a hybrid of dish soap and glue, and the scent permeates my sponge. Maybe the full size product smells better?
Beauty Blender's Blender Cleanser gets the job done. I feel like I can't give a 100% accurate review on this product because I don't have the actual Beauty Blender, just one of it's many knock offs. This cleanser is effective at cleaning my sponge, so I assume it works just as well, if not better, for the product it matches. This cleanser is good for brushes, but it wouldn't become my go-to brush cleanser. I feel like spending $18 on a pre-mixed brush cleanser is kinda frivolous, maybe if you're a pro makeup artist with many Beauty Blenders or similar sponges, but for me this product isn't needed. I do like it though. 

Deionized Water, Vegetable Based Cleansing and Sudsing Agents, Mild Surfacants, Emulsifiers, Fragrance

This stuff is soy based, so please avoid it if you have a soy allergy/sensitivity.

so vague. 


  1. Meh. I use Dawn Dish Soap. That stuff cleans my Beauty Blender to the point where it looks brand new. I don't need no fancy schmancy Blender Cleaner!

  2. I did a review on this also. I found the smell awful! At first I was like.. eh... its ok but after using my brushes for a day I had to rewash them. I use a Dove Sensitive skin soap on my brushes.

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean