Soho Silk Smudge Brush Review

 Soho's Silk line of makeup brushes is a "collection made from the finest nylon fibers and natural hair, making  your cosmetic application silky smooth. This line contains ten high quality brushes to product all the tools you need to apply your makeup just like a pro". I'm reviewing Soho's Silk Smudge Brush, which I got in my September MyGlam/Ipsy bag. I've never used any tools from Soho before, in fact I was barely aware that this brand existed. I think I passed it by at Walmart and Target a few times, but wrote it off because I never saw any bloggers talking about it. Soho's Silk brushes run between $7-12. This Smudge Brush goes for $6.99MSRP. Soho Brushes can be bought at Walmart, CVS, Target, and Walgreens, and I recently saw their blending sponge thingy at Ulta. Soho uses natural hair in some products, so this is not a cruelty free brand. This brush was made in China.
 Soho's Smudge Brush came in a "reusable" pouch. I already tossed the pouch out, but it looks pretty nice, definitely higher quality than anything an ELF or Essence brush as even came in. It was damn near impossible to get the brush out, so I had to cut the pouch a little. A pamphlet came inside the pouch with the name of the brush and some crushed makeup on the front, along with a brush description, directions on how to care for the brush, and some company info on the back. Opening up the pamphlet I found "Soho's Beauty Tips", four examples of basic makeup application. I guess that'd be helpful for beginners.
The brush it's self looks really nice. The long (very long, actually) handle is made of fuchsia aluminum, a small Soho logo graces the handle near the base. This is a very lightweight brush, so look elsewhere if you want a brush that has a lot of heft in the hand. The black aluminum ferrule seems firmly attached to the handle and seems to have a good grasp on the bristles as well. This smudge brush's head is moderately dense, it could use a few more bristles, but it's functional the way it is . The black bristles are synthetic, nylon to be precise. At first they were kinda scratchy but they softened after a washing. The bristles are pretty uniform in length and comes to a slightly rounded, dome like tip. There isn't any splaying or shedding to speak of. It actually seems like a really good quality brush.
 So how does Soho's Smudge brush perform? As a smudge brush? Kinda fail. Its not dense or small enough to really smudge anything, it just kinda "smudges" product away. I hate when companies completely miss name a brush. This is, in essence, a blending or "smokey eye" brush. Soho's Smudge brush is a great blending brush, especially for working in the crease and outer v. I actually prefer it over the Essence Smokey Eyes brush that I previously raved about. Soho's bristles have a bit more give to them, in comparison, but the brush head is also larger so its not the best for detailed blending. I hope that Soho learns  one day that blending and smudging are not same, because legit, they aren't. Similar, but not the same.
Soho's Silk Smudge Brush is pretty good! Way better than I initially thought it would be. This brush looks good, its very tall and stands out in my brush jar. The brush holds up well to frequent use and frequent washing. I just hate that this brush is misnamed. Blending and smudging are not the same thing, labeling a brush that way can confuse consumers and annoy bloggers like me. I really like Soho's Smudge Brush. I'm not going to ignore this brand anymore, I think I might even pick up another brush or two from their silk like to see if they're all this good. I think this brush is worth the $7 price tag and worth checking out if you're in the market for more eye brushes, and let's be honest, who isn't? I would buy this brush again, but I don't think I'll have to for quite a while, based on how its held up so far. Try this brush like if you haven't! I was pleasantly surprised.

It was so hard to take half decent photos of this brush. The metallic handle, the overall size, the dark bristles and ferrule. D: 

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