Perfume Tag

I found this tag on BiancaLovesMakeup's Youtube Channel. She runs one of my favorite tumblrs, you should follow her.

1: Favorite Winter Scent:
Bath&BodyWorks Midnight Pomegranate

2: On a lazy day I reach for:
Avon Naturals Sparkling Pear&Acai or whatever body spray I'm testing for review

3. What scent would I wear on a date?
Avon Be Kissable or Mark. True Heart

4. High School Signature Scent:
I skipped high school lol. I wore Glow by J.Lo and Avon Naturals Plumeria a lot back then. I still like them.

5. Current Favorite Scent:
Bath&BodyWorks Honey Autumn Apple

6. Favorite Summer Scent:
Mark. Instant Vacation or Bath&BodyWorks Coconut Lime Breeze

7. Perfume I Regret Buying:
Avon Imari Roller Ball

8. My Perfume Wishlist:
Bath&BodyWorks Secret Wonderland, Victorias Secret Love Spell and Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

If you do this tag, link it in the comments for me to read

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  1. Aww thanks so much!!! I really like Honey Autumn Apple :) I wore it yesterday!