End the Lockout! Hockey Tag:

1. Favorite team: Pittsburgh Penguins
2. Favorite player: Max Talbot
3. Best game I’ve ever been to: Only been to one. April 3 2010 against the Thrashers
4. Three teams I don’t care for: Isles, Flyers, Stars
5. If my team doesn’t hoist the Cup this year, I hope it goes to: Rangers
6. First favorite player: Probably Mario Lemeiux
7. Why am I a hockey fan: I..just always have been. My big brother was mad for hockey when he was a kid and it rubbed off on me I guess =D
8. Team Crosby or Team Ovi: Crosby
9. Second favorite team: Wings
10. Favourite Russian player: Geno Malkin
11. Favourite Swedish player: umm..Lundvquist I guess
12. Favourite American player: I..don't know. Brooks Orpik maybe. I've always thought Ben Lovejoy was a solid D-man too.
13. Favourite Canadian player: Max Talbot or James Neal
14. Staals or Sedins: Staals
15. Player I like on a team I don’t like: Max Talbot
16. Craziest thing I’ve done for my team: ..dared to wear their jersey in another country?
17. First player I met: Max Talbot
18. Team I’ll support in Sochi 2014: USA or Russia
19. Arena I’d kill to watch a game in: Consol Energy Center or Madison Square Garden.

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