ELF Total Face Brush Review

 ELF's Essential Total Face Brush has "soft, caressing bristles that allow for soothing appilcation for facial and bronzing powders. The Total Face Brush features full, slightly tapered bristles to contour the face and help build gorgeous coverage as needed". Like all ELF Professional/Essential are tested by a "team of professional makeup artists" and are "ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and facilitate a flawless finish with every application".  OK, cool, ELF. This brush is made of synthetic bristles and like just about all ELF products, is cruelty free and vegan friendly. This brush will run you only $1. I bought mine at Target, but ELF can also be found at select Big Lots, Kmarts, Walmarts, drugstores and dollar stores; as well as on the brand's website. The ELF Total Face Brush was made in China.
 This brush came in a clear pouch with a brush guard, both can be kept for storage or travel purposes, but I tossed them. A cardboard insert is also included with a fair amount of brush and company info. The Total Face Brush is actually pretty large. The white lacquered wooden handle has the brush name written on it in silver lettering. The silver ferrule seems to be well attached to the thick handle, which is good because ELF's Essential/Professional line isn't exactly know for it's quality or stability. The reddish brown synthetic bristles are pretty long. This is brush isn't anywhere near as dense as it looks, when you run your fingers through it you'll notice that there are quite a few gaps. ELF's Total Face Brush is probably the most sparse face brush that I have. The bristles are not good quality, they feel very synthetic and are quite scratchy, certainly not soothing like the product description claims. I actually find this brush pretty irritating to use. The bristles splay a little around the circumference of the brush head, but it doesn't affect the overall shape of the brush. The shape is ok, pretty standard for a powder type brush, round, coming to a slight dome at the top. I find the bristles too long, making application hard to control. Despite it's fairly large size, the Total Face Brush has very little heft in the hand.
 So lets talk a little more about application. To me, the ELF Total Face Brush only has one real use, to lightly dust on powders. It isn't dense or stiff enough to apply any colored product and blend it correctly. Don't even think about using this for liquid products. I haven't tried it, but experience/instinct tells me it would be an utter disaster. Not a very versatile brush, good thing it's cheap. I've only had this brush for a couple of weeks so I can't tell you whether or not it will stand the test of time. I've washed it twice though and it held up well so far. It dries quickly, doesn't shed more than a bristle or two and all the product comes out. The Total Face Brush can lose it's shape a little, but is easily reshaped after it dries.
ELF's Total Face Brush is not the multi-tasker it's cracked up to be. It only has one real use, and even then it's not very good at it. YOU HAD ONE JOB, BRUSH. The problem lies in the poor quality bristles. If they were softer and denser this brush could've been a hit. The Total Face Brush isn't a total fail, but it's close. I don't recommend it, even if it only costs a buck, it's not really worth it. I don't know if I'll even keep mine. I had to force myself to use it for review purposes, but otherwise I rarely reach for it. Who would voluntarily use a brush that kinda hurts though? I have several, much better face brushes that are still affordable. Skip the Total Face Brush.


  1. Would you say the brush is large because it covers your total face?

  2. Aww.... this sucks I really like e.l.f. brushes so I'm a little disappointed to hear that this brush isn't that great.