September MyGlam Bag + A few other goodies

 I got my MyGlam bag today, as you know, it was late because MyGlam rebranded and is now 
 Included in the bag was a $20off coupon for JustFab, as well as two cards explaining the change from MyGlam to ispy. 
All the everything. I'm not really excited about anything this month, except the polish, but let's examine the value. 
Circus By Andrea's Choice Nail Color - Tightrope - Value Unknown. 

I really like the color of Tightrope, but I'm getting really tired of getting these polishes...
Jane Cosmetics Sparkle Gloss - Sparkle Pink - $9.99

Ok cool, we have a product the value of the bag. $10 is really expensive for a little gloss like this one, just .2fl oz. Some of us remember Jane from middle/high school, I do, my first ever eyeshadow was from Jane. The brand went out a couple years ago, but recently relaunched just a couple weeks ago. Definitely excited to try this gloss. Jane is offering 20% off a $15 or more order. 
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer.  .38fl oz (10ml) - $5ish. Full size is $25 for 1.7oz

I've never tried Carol's Daughter products before, nor do I really have split ends, but I'll give this a shot. It smells absolutely fantastic! Carol's Daughter offers $5 off with the code ISPY5
Mirabella Eyeshadow in Semiformal - $10

Why did they send us an eyeshadow in pan form. I do not have a little palette to put it in. Annoying. The color is really nice though and it seems well pigmented. Mirabella offers 30% off with the code ispy. 
 Soho Smudge Brush - $6.

Decent brush, not super soft, but it seems like it'll work well. I really like the shiny red handle. It was impossible to get out of the bag though D: 

Total Value - At least $30. Great value! I'm not really wowed by this bag, but it was worth the money. I'm really, really annoyed about the pan shadow though. 
I also bought a limited edition Maybelline colored Great Lash mascara in Pop of Purple. $3.33 at Target, after a dollar off coupon. 
 In exchange for working with, they sent me a full size bottle of Clear's Total Care Scalp&Hair Therapy Shampoo&Conditioner, which I already tried an didn't really like, so I'll probably use these as a giveaway prize. 
I was also given a bottle of Shakira's new perfume; S by Shakira Eau Florale. It's really nice, smells like a Bath&BodyWorks scent, but with better lasting power. 

So what do you think of September's MyGlam bag?

also sorry for worse quality pics than usual, i was rushing and making dinner. :( 


  1. That pan eyeshadow would annoy the heck out of me! And none of those things really wowed me either :( Really glad I don't do MyGlam sometimes!

    1. This is my first month that I didn't adore MyGlam, so I'm pretty pleased. Stupid pan shadows.

  2. I really like that nail polish, gorgeous color.

    1. Me too, when I first saw the Circus collection it was the shade I wanted most. I wish it wasn't matte though =\

  3. that nail polish is probably my favorite out of the others you've posted! and i hate purple!

  4. They have empty e.l.f eyeshadow palettes at Target for $1 that fit these pans.

    1. Yeah I was really kicking myself about that, since I was at Target yesterday.

  5. The nail polish color is really pretty! And you should definitely do a review on the purple mascara, i've been curious about those and I love your reviews! :)
    xx seana