S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetics Glama-Zoid Loose Luxury Mineral Eyeshadow Review

 S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetics is a relatively new indie brand. I hadn't heard about it until I received this sample in my August Glam bag. I'm not normally a fan of pigments and loose mineral shadows, so working this product into a semi-daily routine was hard for me. Glama-Zoid was specially mixed for MyGlam but is now available to the general public for a limited time (S.A.L.T.Y will custom mix any color on request). Glama-Zoid is a duo-chrome white that flashes lilac, pink, or violet depending on your skin tone and what other shades its used with.  S.A.L.T.Y offers three size ranges for there pigments: Sample (1g; $3.97), Small (1.25g, $4.50), and Large (2.5g, $14. 97).  S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetics products are mixed in the USA, I'm not sure what company their mica is sourced from so I can't really say where the product is made. This brand does not test on animals, instead it tests on it's own employees, including one with extremely sensitive skin.
 Packaging isn't anything special, it's what you can expect from an indie brand. A little plastic jar with a screw on lid. A small label with the company logo is affixed to the lid.  S.A.L.T.Y includes a sifter in the sample jar, which is nice, a lot of companies don't include sifters in their sample jars. Hell, a lot of companies don't even give their samples in jars. I hate sample baggies. The shade name, ingredients, and a little bit of company info can be found on the label on the bottom of the jar.
  S.A.L.T.Y's pigment is very soft and fine, but not too powdery. This mineral shadow even feels soft to the touch on the skin. I'm really loving the texture, it's so silky. I'm sure you could infer from my texture description that this shadow blends super easily. Along with the soft blendability comes with a little bit of fallout. That's not necessarily a bad thing because of the color. I like to wear this pigment over a primer and eyeshadow base to help this shadow show up better. As with all loose powder shadows, Glama-Zoid needs to be patted on instead of swept on.
 Before I describe the color, I have to ask, does the name Glama-Zoid remind anyone else of Freakazoid? Or maybe the Aquabats, for some reason? Maybe it's just me. Anyway, the color of Glama-Zoid will vary depending on your skin tone, how you use it, angles, and lighting. In the jar it just looks white with a little bot multi-color micro glitter. On my lids Glama-Zoid is a light, pinky violet that's very complimentary to my dark brown eyes. Despite the micro-glitter, I wouldn't call this shadow sparkly, really it has more of a sheen. This pigment is amazing over a black base, it becomes a strong shimmery violet. I'm definitely going to wear it like that tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised by how well Glama-Zoid wore, eight fade and crease free hours over a primer.
While it isn't a product I would've picked out for myself, nor is it a product I'd repurchase, but I do like it. Glama-Zoid is an interesting, pretty, versatile shadow that wore better than I expected. Application wasn't even as messy as most pigments. Check out S.A.L.T.Y Cosmetics if you're looking to sample a new indie company, they can definitely make a good quality shadow.

Mica, Boron Nitride 30

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see how different it is with different bases?